The People and Culture (PC) Division (formerly Human Resources) ensures corporate compliance with legislative requirements such as the Employment Standards Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Workplace Safety & Insurance Act as well as ensures compliance with our Collective Agreements and corporate policies and procedures. PC leads the recruitment & selection process, provides health & safety advisory services, labour relations, disability management, compensation and benefits administration, service recognition programs and training & professional development opportunities.


The 2024 requested level of funding supports much needed enhancements to existing services provided by PC across the corporation with two new HR Generalist positions. These new staff positions will support much needed enhancements and modernization of HR policies, procedures, and practices. A portion of PC expenses is charged out to other divisions whose operating costs can be partially recovered from other funding sources such as Social Services subsidies and Building Permit fees.

2024 Overview
People and Culture division
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $1,954,694
Revenue $100,000
Net requirement $1,854,694