Information Technology (IT) provides market competitive, technology-based products and services in a secure environment that contributes to improving services, and/or reducing costs, for the Corporation of the City of Peterborough.


The contractual line in the budget represents the City’s share of Peterborough Technology Services (PTS) operating expenditures. This includes corporate applications, servers, and technical staff that are shared by the City and Peterborough Utilities Services. Examples include servers that host the financial management system and other key applications, and technical staff that are shared by both organizations. City specific corporate applications include the Fire Dispatch System, Building and Permit System, Tax System, and Recreation System.

In addition to the initial capital investment to add new corporate applications, there is also an ongoing operating cost of approximately 25% for annual maintenance and support. There has been a shift in recent years that has resulted in software companies offering their applications as hosted solution or Software as a Service. This is resulting in a shift from purchasing licenses that are a capital cost to annual subscription fees. Examples include the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and AudienceView (the Memorial Centre ticketing system), Perfect Mind (Course and Facility booking system) and Office 365. This is one of the main factors contributing to an increase in the IT operating budget.

Information Technology costs are charged to City Departments if an activity either receives a fee for the service they provide (i.e. the Building Division receiving fees for building permits), or if there is funding provided by an external organization that is related to the cost of providing services (i.e. Social Services receives funding from the Province). 

Performance data

IT Security continues to be an area of focus as security threats become more advanced and sophisticated. Additional investment is required for security, advanced monitoring, and detection tools.

Support statistics
Type of support2019 20202021  (forecast)
Remote offices in wide area network 27 27 27
Networked computers supported 977 977 1,000
Application/File servers 111 148 200
System and applications supported 94 94 94

2022 Overview

Information Technology
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $3,741,449
Revenues $100,092
Net requirement $3,641,357