The Human Resources Division provides various human resources programs and services to the Corporation. This includes recruitment and selection services, group health benefits and OMERS administration, health a safety advisory services, disability management, labour relations, service recognition programs and professional training and development.


The 2022 requested level of funding maintains the 2021 level of service for corporate human resources expenses. This includes Recruitment and Selection services, Group Health Benefits & OMERS administration, Health & Safety advisory services, Disability Management, Labour Relations, Service Recognition programs and professional training & development.

A portion of Human Resources (HR) expenses is charged out to other departments whose operating costs can be partially recovered from other funding sources such as Social Services subsidies and Building Permit fees.

Staff in the Human Resources Division lead the Recruitment & Selection process to ensure we attract and retain the most qualified candidates for each position. The Division administers Group Health Benefits and OMERS, and effectively minimize absences and support an early and safe return to work through our Return to Work/Employment Accommodation procedure and Attendance Awareness Program to effectively minimize costs associated with Sick Leave, Long Term Disability and WSIB claims. The Division ensures corporate compliance with legislative requirements such as the Employment Standards Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act, Workplace Safety & Insurance Act as well as ensures compliance with our Collective Agreements and corporate policies and procedures.

In 2022 the HR Division looks forward to continuously improving our current programs and services, with a focus on strengthening employee support, engagement and wellness.

Performance data

The City has experienced a slight decrease in the number of recruitment/selection activities in 2020/2021, largely due to fewer retirements when compared to 2019. Although our regular recruitment took place for seasonal hires, fewer seasonal employees were brought on board as a result of COVID-19. The following chart illustrates HR's recruitment activities.

Recruitment/selection activities
Type of activity2019 20202021 (forecast)
Permanent postings 107 61 61
Temporary postings 108 78 78
Permanent positions filled 130 81 74
Temporary positions filled 207 147 136

2022 Overview

Human Resources
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $1,180,603
Net requirement $1,180,603