Facilities Management provide day-to-day maintenance and preventative maintenance of all City facilities, and manage capital renovation and rehabilitation projects.


In the last several years, the responsibilities of the Facilities Management Division have grown. The Division has assumed:

  • The Urban Park opened in Q4 of 2022, the park maintenance budget will be managed by the Arena Division in cooperation with Public Works and the Facilities Management Division;
  • Project management of major facility capital renovations projects for all City facilities;
  • The role of facilities management for City facilities in terms of maintaining the facility, day-to-day maintenance, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, coordinating small renovations and repairs;
  • Management of a large number of residential rental properties for short term and long-term rentals;
  • Performing due diligence when any property is purchased that includes a building;
  • Energy management for the Corporation, reviewing, analyzing, forecasting consumption for all utilities and forecasting future years' costs;
  • Managing the City's Asbestos Management Program for current condition and all abatement requirements as needed.

The growth has provided support and cost savings to all City departments. Facilities Management staff understand the technical aspects of the buildings and can coordinate global tenders for services such as snow clearing, cleaning, and maintenance of common building elements such as elevators and fire suppression equipment.

Performance Data

Properties managed by the Facilities Management Division
Property typeNumber of properties
Commercial properties*


Residential houses leased and managed 22
Farm land rented and managed 5

*includes City Hall, Millennium Park Boathouse, 249 Simcoe St., Peterborough Police Station, Provincial Court House, 210 Wolfe St., Market Hall, Queen Alexandra Community Centre, Harveys, Marina Restaurant, Canteen of Kawartha and 610 Parkhill Road West.

A transfer of any surpluses realized from rental properties, Millennium Park Boathouse, Market Hall and Queen Alexandra Community Centre, to the Property Maintenance Reserve allows for future projects at these facilities to be funded from this reserve eliminating the need for additional funding sources.

2023 Overview

Facilities Management
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $2,126,688
Revenues $928,090
Net requirement $1,198,598