Facilities and Planning Initiatives provides project development and implementation to various departments within the City to support larger capital/planning projects as required.


In 2022, the priorities for capital initiatives include project management for: 

  • The continued development of the Arena and Aquatics Complex at Morrow Park
  • Tender and Construction commencement of Fire Station #2
  • Construction completion of the Beavermead Campground Entry Gatehouse
  • Construction completion of the Water Play Splash Pads at Turner Park and Hamilton Park

Performance data

Functions fulfilled by this activity in 2021 included project management of:

  1. Construction completion of the Brock Street Mission Men's Shelter
  2. Design and Construction commencement of the Beavermead Campground Entry Gatehouse
  3. Design development for site location change of the New Arena and Aquatics Complex Project
  4. Location selection and design development for Fire Station #2
  5. Development and construction start of a new Water Play Splash Pad at Turner Park and Hamilton Park

2022 Overview

Facilities and Planning Initiatives
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $146,033
Net requirement $146,033