The City of Peterborough operates and maintains a Class 4 Waste Water Treatment Plant, 13 sewage pumping stations, storm and sanitary sewer collection systems and an accredited laboratory in compliance with Environmental Approval Compliance requirements, through its Environmental Protection Division. The division also operates and maintains the Centennial Fountain in Little Lake.


The plant has maintained its ability to accommodate existing demand and provides a final effluent of exceptionally high quality. 

All pumping stations, sanitary sewer collection systems and Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) expenditures are funded from the sewer surcharge. Revenue from “extra strength” surcharge agreements, and hauled sewage from surrounding counties, will continue to offset the Environmental Monitoring Program and plant operating costs. The laboratory services internal departmental needs (e.g. City/County Landfill) to complement its activities. In 2021, the laboratory successfully retained the MECP drinking water license and CALA accreditation. 

As of April 1, 2022 the City entered into a contract with the Township of Cavan Monaghan to operate both the WWTP and drinking water systems in the town of Millbrook. Prior to this the City operated the WWTP, under contract to the Peterborough Utilities Group, since January 1, 2017.

In 2022, the waste water treatment plant processed approximately 17-19 million cubic metres of sewage, and 60,000-110,000 cubic metres of landfill leachate. Actual volumes will be influenced by the amount of rainfall and snowmelt.

Continued enhancements and maintenance to the sanitary sewer system will help mitigate extraneous flows, reduce the overall unwanted flows to the plant, and delay future costly expansions. A comprehensive preventative maintenance program on the sanitary sewer trunk mains will continue to provide safe and reliable conveyance of wastewater to the Plant for treatment. Regular storm sewer and catch basin cleaning will improve surface water drainage to reduce flooding on city streets. 

The majority of the existing pumping stations have been upgraded, or are undergoing process and license upgrades to meet current environmental standards.

Draft 2023 Budget overview

Environmental Protection
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $18,445,850
Revenues $18,355,354
Net requirement $90,496