The Engineering and Capital Works Division includes two sections: Engineering and Construction, and Traffic and Parking. The Division co-ordinates and manages the maintenance, rehabilitation and development of the City’s roads and related infrastructure and provides municipal parking and traffic operations for the City. 


Engineering and Construction

This section manages the maintenance and development of the City’s roads infrastructure, sidewalks, streetlight infrastructure, conveyance sewer system and stormwater management facilities. Staff in the Division deliver the City's engineering related capital program through in-house design and contract administration as well as the management of consulting engineers. Through the Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) approach, the coordination of capital projects allows the City's infrastructure renewal process to make the best use of capital dollars. 

The 2024 budget includes increased expenditures for Engineering and Construction due to approved wage and benefits increases. These expenditures are offset by increased recoveries from capital projects resulting in a net decrease in the tax requirement for the division.

Traffic and Parking

This section of Engineering and Capital Works Division is responsible for the operation of on- and off-street municipal parking, the King Street and Simcoe Street parking garages, operation and maintenance of traffic signals, signs and pavement markings and adult crossing guards. 

Traffic Calming plans for three additional neighbourhoods were presented to Council in July of 2022 and implementation of temporary measures will be completed in early 2024. 

The City operates 130 signalized intersections, of which 13 are signalized pedestrian crossings. The City evaluated a Smart Traffic Signal pilot program on the Lansdowne Street corridor in late 2021 which resulted in a significant reduction in delay and emissions. An expansion of the Smart Traffic Signal System is proposed to continue in 2024 with planning for future expansion as part of planned capital improvements. 

The 2024 budget for Traffic and Parking includes increased expenses for approved wage and benefit increases, insurance costs, materials costs and one new staff position, a Project Manager. The Project Manager will lead the Traffic Calming Program and provide support on other Traffic/Engineering initiatives and projects recommended in the Transportation Master Plan. Decreased parking revenues are budgeted to reflect changes since the pandemic.

2024 Overview

Engineering and Construction
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $4,163,635
Revenues $2,861,514
Net requirement $1,304,121
Traffic and Parking
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $5,497,165
Revenues $2,927,672
Net requirement $2,569,493 

Capital budget

Capital budget projects in the 2024 Draft Budget include:

Arterial Streets:

  • Brealey Drive - Lansdowne Street to Sherbrooke Street
  • Lansdowne Street Rehabilitation - Park Street to Otonabee River
  • Charlotte Street - Water Street to Park Street
  • Sherbrooke Street - Glenforest Boulevard to West City Limit
  • Chemong Road - Parkhill Road to Sunset Boulevard
  • Lansdowne Street West - Spillsbury Drive to Clonsilla Avenue
  • Various Intersection Improvement Program

Collector and Local Streets (capital):

  • Robinson Street Improvements
  • Briarhill Road Reconstruction
  • Victoria Avenue Reconstruction
  • Webber Avenue and Rye Street Urbanization
  • Charlotte Street - Aylmer Street to Water Street

Road State of Good Repair

  • Pavement Preservation Program
  • Downtown Street Surface Repairs
  • Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Program
  • Street Light Infrastructure Program
  • Rail Crossings Removal


  • Television Road Bridge over South Meade Creek
  • Nassau Mills Bridge over Trent Severn Waterway
  • Nassau Mills Bridge over Otonabee River

Active Transportation projects

  • Otonabee River Trail - Del Crary Park to Little Lake Cemetery
  • New Sidewalk Installation - various locations
  • Rotary Trail Crossing - Hunter Street East
  • City-wide Trail Rehabilitation

Sanitary Sewers and Storm Sewers

  • Eastern Trunk Sewer
  • Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Implementation
  • City-wide Stormwater Quality Master Plan Implementation
  • Roger Neilson Way Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Program

Traffic and Transportation

  • Traffic Safety Program Implementation
  • Traffic Calming Program
  • Traffic Signal Controller Replacement Program
  • Smart Signal Implementation
  • Red Light Camera - Automated Speed Enforcement
  • Traffic Signal Infrastructure
  • Intersection Pedestrian Safety Enhancements
  • Traffic Signal Uninterrupted Power Supply Equipment
  • Traffic Improvements
  • Parking Equipment Purchases

The full budget information is available in the Draft 2024 Budget book.