Community Services coordinates 16 facilities and numerous programs through five divisions: Arenas, Arts Culture and Heritage, Library, Recreation and Social Services. The Community Services department also administers the Community Grants portfolio as well as coordinating a number of special events and projects.


The Community Grants program provides funding to non-profit, community-based organizations that deliver direct programs, services, or activities that improve the quality of life for residents. The grants support activities in the areas of social services and health, arts, culture, heritage, recreation, and the environment. These activities can range from small special events to operations for larger organizations. 

Effective January 2021 the Community Development Program has been moved to the management and budget of the Commissioner's Office as its community based programming offers a better alignment with the overall Community Services Department. In addition, the Diversity Equity and Inclusion position and program has been included in the Community Development Program budget.

Community Development Program

The Community Development Program (CDP) will continue to improve the well-being of residents in the City and County through
the delivery of projects, information, referrals, and support to enhance social development and fill service gaps. CDP
transitioned to Community Services, from Social Services, in 2021.


Implementation of the Age-friendly Plan will continue in 2022 using innovative ways to engage, educate, and inform older adults and topic and issues that are important to their health and wellbeing.

Development of the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan should conclude in 2021 with strategies for implementation being
determined in 2022 through inter-departmental and community collaboration.

The bulk of developing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan will take place in 2022. Hiring of the DEI Officer on a
2-year contract began in 2021 with funds being drawn from CDP Reserves to cover the cost. 

The Homemakers program assists low-income seniors and others with housekeeping services to allow them to remain in their homes if possible. This program is an 80/20 cost share between the Province/City and County.

Funding support is being provided to the United Way ($14,500), Ontario 211 ($22,138) and Kawartha Food Share food security
programs ($21,542) on a 50/50 City/County cost share. Funding to Community Care Peterborough ($21,973) is paid 100% by the City. This funding is reviewed on an annual basis.

Performance data

In 2021, through the various levels of grants awarded, a total of 66 organizations were supported.

Community grants
Grant type201920202021 (forecast)
Project $21,000 $19,200 $15,590
Investment $230,000 $209,500 $213,960
Service $1,051,425 $1,091,137


Total $1,302,425 $1,319,837 $1,320,687
Number of organizations 81 80 66

2022 Overview

Community Services Administration
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $1,714,158
Revenues (contributions from reserve) $0
Net requirement $1,714,158
Community Development Program
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $804,458
Revenues $454,057
Net requirement $350,401