The City of Peterborough Council is comprised of a Mayor and ten Councillors who hold regular General Committee and Council meetings. 

The budget includes remuneration for the Mayor and Councillors, a staff position for an Assistant to the Mayor, corporate membership fees and training expenses for council members. 

Council Remuneration is based on the motions approved with Report CLSFS20-071 dated December 1, 2020. The motions read as follows:

b) That the current level of Council compensation indexing be maintained annually with increases for the 2022-2026 term of Council the lesser of either the CPI or staff increases; and

c) That Councillor Compensation include certain Employee Benefits as outlined in Chart 1 of Report CLSFS20-071 and,

i) That the position of Councillor also receive an annual car/transportation allowance in the amount of 50% of the Mayor's car allowance;
ii)That the position of Councillor receive matching funds to a registered pension fund up to 9% of their base Council salary.

For the 2024 Budget, remuneration for the Mayor is estimated to be $88,310 plus $12,400 in benefits and for each Councillor, $34,593 plus $10,143 in benefits. 

2024 Overview

City Council
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $869,063
Net requirement $869,063
The increased budget for 2024 includes expenditures for all council members to attend one conference, plus approved wage and benefits costs.