City Council is the governance body of the municipal corporation and fulfills the responsibilities established for Council in the Municipal Act, 2001, and any other relevant legislation.


The 2022 City Council budget includes remuneration for the Mayor and Members of Council and a staff position. It also includes the City’s annual corporate membership fees for organizations such as the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The Council consists of a Mayor and ten Councillors. The meeting process for conducting Council, General Committee, and Finance Committee meetings is established by Council in its procedural by-law. The wards are as follows:

  • Ward 1 - Otonabee
  • Ward 2 - Monaghan
  • Ward 3 - Town
  • Ward 4 - Ashburnham
  • Ward 5 - Northcrest

2022 Overview

City Council
Description2022 recommended
Expenditures $708,124
Net requirement $708,124