City Clerk’s Office functions include:

  • agenda preparation and distribution, and meeting minute taking for all meetings of Council and standing committees of Council and some local boards and advisory committees
  • municipal elections
  • marriage licences and ceremonies;
  • lottery licences
  • business licences
  • burial permits
  • freedom of information requests
  • records management, processing/intake insurance claims and road closure applications

Draft 2024 Budget overview

Clerk's Office
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $1,534,146
Revenues $395,340
Net requirement $1,138,806


The business licence program continues to expand with the addition of taxi cabs, limos, and ride shares. Efficiencies in the administration of business licensing, approval to the extensions of licensed patios areas and road closures continues. The volume of requests for records under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act continues to increase.

Work continues to evolve in the Records Management Program in the area of electronic records and Data Governance. Records are being moved from common drives across the corporation to SharePoint, where they will be more efficiently stored and retrieved. The draft 2024 budget includes a new 0.5 Full-Time-Equivalent position for a Records Management Assistant. This position will assist the corporation in maintaining compliance with corporate Records Management standards through the digitization of paper records, the development of division-specific procedures, records inventory creation, maintenance of Personal Information Banks, identification, and transfer of corporate records to the secure records repository, training and support on-line business processes. This part-time position is intended to assist divisions in the area of Records Management and support initiatives to move to electronic business processes and the migration of files to SharePoint.

The increase in the 2024 budget is due to the new Records Management Assistant and approved wage and benefit increases.

Full details on the budget are available in the Draft 2024 Budget book.