Clerk’s Office functions include agenda preparation and distribution, and meeting minute taking, for all meetings of Council and standing committees of Council and some local boards and advisory committees; municipal elections; marriage licenses and ceremonies; lottery licenses; business licenses; burial permits; freedom of information requests; records management, processing insurance claims and road closure applications.


The Municipal Election was held in the fall of 2022. Municipal election expenses are funded from the Election Reserve. The contribution to the Reserve for 2023 is $130,000. In the event it is necessary to convene the Compliance Audit Committee to review a candidate or third party advertiser's financial statement, funds have been identified to cover administrative costs, the stipend for committee members and any auditor expenses.

Work continues to evolve in the Records Management Program in the area of electronic records and Data Governance.

COVID-19 caused a reduction in the number of licences that were issued and the associated revenue that was generated in 2022. It is anticipated for 2023 that there will be an increase in the number of licences issued compared actual revenues realized to 2022. It is anticipated that revenues will return to normal levels in 2023.

Service statistics
Type of service2020 20212022 (forecast)
Number of Council and committee meetings 105 125 110
General licences issued 528 500 500
Group home licences 27 27 27
Lottery licences issued 82 60 60
Marriage licences issued 207 295 295
Deaths 1,195 1,200 1,200
By-laws processed 101 101 155
Commissioning documents 380 300 375
Road closure applications 5 5 15
Freedom of Information requests 120 125 125
Marriage ceremonies 18 - 16

Draft 2023 Overview

Clerk's Office
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $1,254,977
Revenues $368,722
Net requirement $886,255