The Building Services division is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Ontario Building Code and various City by-laws. Services include the administration, enforcement, education, and dispersal of information to the public regarding the Building Code, Zoning, Minimum Property Standards, Development Charges, Parks Levy, Signs and Fences. 


The 2023 budget includes a significant inflationary adjustment to the permit fee schedule, owing to a sharp rise in the CCPI, to ensure that revenues keep pace with inflationary costs. 2023 will see the continued implementation of new Building Code standards and resulting new Building Code Training for staff. It is pertinent to mention here that 33% increase in By law enforcement budget is driven by escalating costs of service delivery to ensure the City’s parks and public use spaces remain available for all the public to use and enjoy.

In 2022, approximately 1,000 permits were issued for Residential and Institutional - Commercial - Industrial projects resulting in more than $220,000,000 of building inventory.

2023 will see the ongoing expansion of the Amanda program software to other Divisions and enhanced functionality in the development review process overall. Also, new permit and development support procedures will be introduced, including the provision of a Public Portal for the
broader Development Review Process to streamline application submissions, facilitate electronic review and move to online development approvals beginning with certain selected Building and Planning Approval functions. This project is to be completed early 2023.

Recommendation - That any unused Building Inspection Budget at the end of 2023 be transferred to the Building Division Reserve and that, if actual building inspection costs exceed the 2023 Budget, funds may be drawn from the Building Division Reserve.

2023 Budget overview

Building Services
Description2023 recommended
Expenditures $3,382,927
Revenue $2,517,947
Net requirement $865,025