Building Services ensures compliance with the Ontario Building Code and associated regulations for the protection of citizens and property. It interprets and enforces by-laws with regard to zoning, property standards, property maintenance and signage; including the administration, enforcement, education and provision of information to the public regarding the Ontario Building Code, municipal by-laws regulating development and related applicable laws under the Building Code Act.

Building Services responds to non-permit based and emergency situations, where danger or threat to life of building occupants and/or the general public is created by damaged buildings or other unsafe conditions, including the management of corporate risk and financial liability with regard to terminating emergency and unsafe situations.


Total building activity for 2020 yielded lower results owing to COVID-19 and revenue is below targets. Recovery growth in 2021, a predicted increase in the inventory of residential building lots and the start of larger scale construction delayed in 2020 may lead to growth and increased building activity in all sectors over the coming years.

The 2021 budget includes an inflationary adjustment to the permit fee schedule to ensure that revenues keep pace with inflationary costs. 2021 will see the ongoing implementation of new Building Code standards and resulting new Building Code Training for those standards. In addition, existing and provincially qualified Building Officials will be required to complete, a knowledge maintenance program to continue enforcing the Building Code Act (BCA) and the OBC. Attendance at a significant number of training events will be required in 2021 to address this ongoing requirement for qualification maintenance and there will be a need to train new staff.

In 2020, approximately 1,000 permits were issued for Residential and Institutional - Commercial - Industrial projects resulting in the creation of more than $150,000,000 of building inventory.

2021 will see the ongoing expansion of the Amanda program software to other Divisions and new functions involved in the development review process . Also, new permit and development support procedures will be introduced to improve access to, and support of, more efficient development services including information distribution and education.

2021 Budget overview

Building Services
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $2,825,607
Revenue $2,190,768
Net requirement $634,839