The Asset Management and Capital Planning division coordinates and manages the programs focused on ensuring longevity and sustainability of the City’s infrastructure, transportation planning, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mapping services, infrastructure, the long-term Corporate Asset Management plan and the Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change Programs.


The annual contribution to the Climate Change reserve included in this division’s budget is $494,089 for 2024. During the 2022 budget deliberations, Council approved indexing this contribution annually based on CPI. The 2024 budget also includes an increase in personnel costs due to approved salary and benefits increases and a new position for a Business Analyst.

The Infrastructure & Planning Business Analyst will be responsible for providing strategic analytical support to the IPGM Department including long range capital budget planning, forecasting, financial modelling, research, analysis, report/presentation preparation and administration as required. The position will participate in cross functional service delivery teams, working closely and in collaboration with other City divisions and will also be responsible for assisting with financial support and analysis in the areas of multi-year budget preparation, quarterly operating and capital budget monitoring expenditures and revenues, and ensuring proper quality controls are followed consistently and in accordance with policies, procedures and service level commitments.

The division will continue to develop corporate and community plans to help the City adapt to the impacts of climate change (more intense and frequent rainfall events, higher temperatures, etc.) and increase community resilience.

Key initiatives

  • Flood Reduction Master Plan to support climate mitigation and or climate adaptation
    • Curtis Creek Watershed improvements
    • Sanitary sewer relining, renew and repair
    • CCTV inspection of sewers
    • Flow and rainfall monitoring
  • Climate Change Action Plan
  • Asset Management Project
  • Nature Areas Management
  • Geomatics/Mapping
    • Vertical/Horizontal Control Monuments
    • Smart System Expansion and Artificial Intelligence
    • Remote Sensing Data Acquisition
  • Transportation Planning
    • Towerhill Link Class Environmental Assessment
    • Amend Sherbrooke Street Reconstruction Class Environmental Assessment
    • Transportation and Safety Program and Implementation Strategy
    • Central Area Parking Strategy
    • Cycling Master Plan Implementation Projects
    • Transportation Planning Projects

Details on the Capital Budget for the projects listed are available in the Budget Highlights Book.

2024 Overview

Infrastructure Management
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $3,662,338
Revenues $1,579,523
Net requirement $2,082,815