The Arts, Culture and Heritage Division includes a broad range of services including heritage preservation, public art, the Peterborough Museum and Archives, the Art Gallery of Peterborough, and the Peterborough Public Library.

Highlights and statistics

In 2021, the Arts Culture and Heritage Administration includes: A proposed refresh for the Public Art Policy and Process, education and awareness of the City's Public Art program. Strategic goals and direction for Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee. Launch of Poet Laureate Program in partnership with EC3 which was delayed in 2020. Undertaken a review of the Municipal Cultural Plan MCP objectives and begun a review of next steps including funding levels for EC3.

 Peterborough Museum and Archives

Museum 2019 key performance indicators

Visitor experience

  • 2,042 children enriched their education through 83 curriculum-linked programs; 848 children were subsidized
  • 5,440 patrons engaged in 226 events; 21 events were free, family drop-ins
  • 17,998 visitors experienced the exhibition galleries during 2,853 open hours
  • 6,114 patrons chose the Museum facilities for 161 gatherings

Preservation of collections

  • 10,205 collection database records were created, updated or enriched
  • 572 artifacts cleaned and housed for storage
  • 157 artifacts and 60 linear feet of archival material were accepted into the permanent collections

Access to collections 

  • 344 external researchers received one-on-one assistance
  • 292 artifacts were interpreted through 52 displays

Fleming College partnership

  • 95 heritage professionals-in-training were mentored while working with 547 artifacts

Community relations

  • 334 patrons enjoyed 6 theatre performances
  • 6,525 patrons viewed 30 international film screenings
  • 126 volunteers gave 7,232 hours of unpaid service
 Art Gallery of Peterborough

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is dedicated to contemporary Canadian visual art with a focus on artists practicing within our region. Exhibitions are enhanced with talks, tours, publications, and education programs.

The AGP receives core operating funds from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). Revenue is generated from memberships, project grants, donations, sponsorships, fundraising, Gallery Shop, education programs, and touring exhibits. We serve our diverse community through programs and partnerships with educational institutions and social service organizations

Art Gallery statistics
 Activities and participation2019 2020 (forecast) 
 General Art Gallery Attendance 15,143 3,000
 Touring Exhibit Attendance 17,031  
 Kawartha Autumn Studio Tour KAST 5,056 1,600
 Adult Workshops and Activities 6,879 1,900
 Child and Youth Education 3,786 1,200
 Family Day 1,046 815
 AGP Touring Exhibits Booked  2  
 Number of On-Site Exhibitions 13 14
 Number of Artists Exhibited 97 100 
 Number of Publications  1  
 Volunteers 89 46
 Volunteer Hours 2,721 1,784


Fundraising and subsidies
 Revenue source/activity20192020 (forecast) 
 Events, Donations, Sponsorships, Interest $62,082 $29,000
 Education Programs and KAST $42,304 $8,000
 Memberships $4,867 $4,000
 Gallery Shop and Publications $42,461 $25,000
 Federal and Provincial Operating Grants $137,504 $142,504
 Federal and Provincial Project Grants $16,924 $16,000
 Touring Exhibitions $20,500  
 Total Earned and External Funding $326,642 $224,504



The Library's 2021 budget includes minimal adjustments for operating costs. The most notable change is the resulting consolidation of all library technology related expenses into one dedicated line item.

A Library Service Review project was started in 2020 with the goal of engaging the community in a conversation about our core services in an effort to understand our community and member needs, and to be able to effectively serve them better.

Room Rental revenue in 2020 decreased as a result of the Library hosting the temporary emergency overflow shelter, the pandemic related facility closure, and the resulting facility capacity restrictions and collection quarantine measures in place.

2020 saw the formal dissolution of the Library Foundation, with invested funds being transferred into the care of the Library Board.

Using Library Reserve funds and Development Charges, a service enhancement in the form of a self-serve Book Kiosk at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre was installed in 2020. This alternative service model pilot project was put on hold due to the pandemic.

2020 also saw the completion of an upgrade to the Library’s Public Computers; switching services from a Linux based model to Windows and improving printing and payment systems.

Library usage
 Category2019 2020 (forecast) 
 Hours 3,415  2,623
 Number of in-person visits 332,176 300,000
 Circulation (print only) 463,278 450,000 
 Physical items in collection 190,363 175,000
 Collection value $2.5 million  $2.5 million 
 Members 13,375 14,000
 Reference inquiries 30,524 25,000 
 Programs offered 341 250
 Program attendance 8,559 7,000
 Individual electronic periodicals titles 6,412 5,500
 Electronic subscriptions use - views/downloads/streaming 190,840 180,000
 Social media visits individual sessions 13,648 15,000
 Public internet individual sessions 53,144 50,000
 Wi-Fi connections individual sessions 38,636 25,000


 Heritage preservation
  • 6 new heritage designations (2020 forecast)
  • 11 Heritage Property Tax Relief Program renewals (2020 forecast)
  • 86 Heritage Property Tax Relief Program property inspections (2020 forecast)
  • The Heritage Preservation Office budget includes a 12% increase in the Heritage Property Tax Relief Program. This program has been demonstrated to generate revenues through increased assessment in excess of the tax incentive provided, but new acceptance of properties into the program has been suspended pending a funding increase.

2021 Budget overview

Arts, Culture and Heritage Administration
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $799,085
Revenues $33,700
Net requirement $765,385
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $950,394
Revenues $259,953
Net requirement $690,441
Art Gallery
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $928,010
Revenues $362,104
Net requirement $565,906
Description2021 recommended
Expenditures $3,332,701
Revenues $261,406
Net requirement $3,071,295