Age-friendly Peterborough Plan


Age-friendly Dialogue: Medical Assistance in Dying

Wednesday November 6, 2019
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (doors open at 5:30 p.m.) 
Fleming College, Whetung Theatre,
599 Brealey Dr.

Tickets on sale now: $10. Get your tickets online through Eventbrite.

Age-friendly Peterborough is pleased to present an evening of thoughtful discussion on the topic of Medical Assistance in Dying, featuring both Canadian and International perspectives, as well as providing some local context for attendees.

Free parking. All Invited. Accessible location.

For more information visit the Age-friendy  Dialogue event site, download the Poster or call (705)748-8830 ext 3200

Event details:

Karin Wells - International Perspectives on Medical Assistance in Dying

Karin Wells is an internationally recognized CBC radio documentary maker with a long and varied career. Trained as a lawyer, she has produced documentaries on subjects as varied as post conflict resolution in Mozambique and victim rights to opera in the English countryside. She has reported from more than 50 countries and is regularly heard on CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition as both a guest host and documentary maker. Most recently she has produced documentaries on another way to deal with euthanasia in Belgium; conflict on the Peguis Reserve in Manitoba and BC's most defiant Disability Rights activist.

Karin's work has been recognized by the New York Radio Festival frequently over the past 20 years. She has received two United Nations media awards for her work out of Sierra Leone and this year for her documentary on dealing with Dementia in Denmark. In 2011 she was inducted into the University of Ottawa Common Law Honour society.

Maureen Taylor - Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada: Evolution and Challenges

Maureen Taylor is a Physician Assistant in Infectious Diseases at Michael Garron Hospital and an Associate Clinical Professor in the PA program at McMaster University. Prior to her PA career, Maureen was a broadcast journalist for 25 years, including 7 years at the National Medical/Health Reporter for the CBC. Maureen is a 3-time winner of the CMA/CNA award for excellence in health reporting and is currently on the editorial board of the health policy website Healthy Debate. Maureen was married to Dr. Donald Low, who died of a brain tumour in September 2013, wishing until the end that he could have medical aid in dying. Since his death, Maureen has publicly advocated for the right of Canadians to choose an assisted death, serving as the co-chair of the Provincial/Territorial Expert Advisory Group on Physician Assisted Death.

In Partnership with:

In partnership with Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Kawartha Centre for Aging, Walker and Geale-Barker Barristers and Solicitors, Mann McCracken and Associates and Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario.

Age-friendly Peterborough

Our communities are aging. In Peterborough, individuals over the age of 65 account for over 20% of our regional population. The shift towards an older population will have profound implications for individuals, families, and communities. With this shift also comes opportunity for community building and social development.

Age-friendly Peterborough logoThis Age-friendly Peterborough Community Action Plan identifies a clear path forward to enhance programs, services, and infrastructure for older adults in the Peterborough region; including the City and County of Peterborough, and the Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations.

The Plan identifies four goals:

  • Older adults' basic needs are met
  • Older adults are able to get around the community
  • Older adults are supported to build and maintain relationships
  • Older adults have the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute

Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee

The Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee is implementing the Age-friendly Peterborough Community Action Plan through a community-based collaborative that brings together local governments, First Nations, organizations, businesses, and older adults with the goal of building a more inclusive, respectful, and accessible community for our aging population.

Working groups

We have four working groups that focus on the four goals of the Plan.

Basic needs: Health and housing

Strategic directions

A diverse housing supply

Diversifying the housing stock in our region will provide the infrastructure necessary to support aging in place.

Appropriate housing choices

Ensuring a diversity of housing choices can support older adults to select and transition to appropriate housing as needed.

Supports to age in place

Providing a range of supports, including home maintenance and in-home care, can help older adults to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

Health care on time and in place

Increasing the availability and coordination of health care across the region will enhance older adults' ability to access appropriate and timely care.

Diverse community support programs

Community support programs that go beyond primary health care recognize and respond to the unique needs of older adults.

Enhanced support services for vulnerable older adults

Some older adults, especially those living in poverty, may benefit from specific programs and services to help them as they age.

Current activities

Health and Housing Navigation Study*

The goal of the Study is to improve awareness of and access to housing and health resources now and into the future for our aging population. Age-friendly Peterborough will use these resources to assist local seniors, their care-givers, and families to find the appropriate health services and housing accommodations so they may stay in their homes as long as possible.

Staying mobile

Strategic directions

Affordable and flexible rural transportation options

Rural transportation options help older adults access services, and take part in social activities, supporting them to remain in their community of choice as they age.

Improved public transit in the City of Peterborough

Reliable, affordable, accessible, and convenient public transit systems increase older adults' mobility and ability to travel independently in the community.

A safe and well-maintained road network

Well-maintained roads with enhanced safety features can support older adults to travel safely and confidently throughout the region.

A Safe, well-maintained, and connected active transportation network

Active transportation infrastructure supports people to remain active as they age.

Adequate, accessible parking

Accessible parking can enable older adults to complete daily tasks, run errands, and easily access services.

Complete community design

Communities that include a mix of housing, services, and recreation spaces support older adults to remain in their community of choice as they age.

Current Activities

Walkability Assessments*

The purpose of the Walks is to identify physical features in a specific area, such as a stretch of sidewalk or municipal park, which may be barriers for older adults to use and enjoy. The Walks also identify opportunities of enhancement to these areas that would improve the accessibility and enjoyment of the area by older adults.

Transit Training

The goal of the Transit Training program is to improve the mobility of older adults by increasing their ridership on Peterborough Transit. This will be done by increasing awareness of transit and reducing barriers to the service.

Rural Transportation Initiative

The Township of Selwyn will receive a 5-year grant of $1.488 million starting in 2019 from the Ministry of Transportation to implement a rural transportation program that services the Township of Selwyn, Curve Lake First Nation and the City of Peterborough. Community Care Peterborough is also a partner in this program.

Building relationships

Strategic directions

Vibrant downtown commercial areas

Commercial areas that are accessible, vibrant, and welcoming can support older adults to engage in the social, civic, and economic lives of their communities.

Age-friendly parks and community facilities

Parks and community facilities that include age-friendly amenities and features can support older adults to remain socially connected and active as they age.

Outreach to isolated older adults

Older adults may experience periods of social isolation; outreach and engagement programs can support these individuals to re-engage in their communities or mitigate the negative effects of isolation.

Intergenerational programming

Fostering intergenerational connections can support older adults to build and maintain lasting relationships and dispel myths and misperceptions about aging and older adulthood.

Diverse representations of aging

Recognizing the diversity of individuals' identities and experiences as they age creates an inclusive environment for older adults of varied cultures, races, genders, sexual orientation, abilities, and economic circumstances.

Age-friendly businesses

Businesses with accessible features and age-friendly customer service will empower older adults to confidently purchase services and products.

Current activities

Age-friendly Business Program

The goal of this Program is to improve and increase the experiences older adults have with local businesses and organizations. Important factors that help make a business age-friendly include: better customer service, accessibility enhancements, and more employment opportunities.

We want older adults to have improved access to the local goods and services they need while increasing the customer base and revenue of local businesses.

Digital Story Telling

This project will see older adults make short 2-3 minute digital videos with the objective of bringing life experiences and stories to video and the world of aging. It is anticipated that these stories will begin to shift stereotypes of aging.

This is a research project being led by Dr. Nadine Changfoot, professor in Political Studies at Trent University.

Combating Isolation Initiative

Isolation is being recognized as a serious social and health issue facing a growing number of older adults. Age-friendly Peterborough is taking initial steps toward developing a strategy for combating isolation in partnership with local service providers who work in this area.

Learning and contributing

Strategic directions

Accessible public meetings and events

Accessible meetings and events support older adults to remain active and engaged as they age.

Support for volunteerism

Well-coordinated and well-promoted volunteer opportunities can help older adults identify and engage in roles that align with their skills and interests.

Diverse and flexible employment opportunities

Flexible employment opportunities support older adults to remain employed in appropriate roles as they age.

Transparent and participatory decision-making

Transparent and participatory decision-making processes empower older adults to contribute their unique perspectives, experiences, and skills to decision-making processes.

Access to information

Making information readily accessible in a variety of formats will help older adults obtain the information they need to remain engaged and informed.

Life-long learning opportunities

Providing education and learning opportunities for older adults allows individuals to continue to learn and grow as they age.

Diverse social and recreation opportunities

Access to a variety of social and recreational opportunities can support older adults to remain socially engaged as they age.

Current activities

Summit on Aging

The Summit on Aging is our annual one-day conference that provides an educational experience addressing issue related to aging. Past Summits have focused on topics including: dementia; healthcare and technology; metal well-being; and housing. In 2019 we are focusing on legal and medical issues.

Seniors Showcase

The Seniors Showcase is an annual event where we bring together over 100 business and organizations to promote their products and services related to aging. We also host many workshops on topics important to aging. At past events workshop topics have included: being good to your brain; Tai Chi; medical assistance in dying; depression and anxiety; decluttering; and chair yoga to name a few.

The event takes place every June at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre in partnership with the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.

Age-friendly Report*

This program will develop videos that explore important issues related to aging. The videos will educate on key topics, showcase local services relevant to the topics, and encourage engagement of local seniors on the topics. Once complete, the videos will be broadcast on YourTV (formerly Cogeco) and online through social media.

Recreation, Leisure, and Facilities Study*

This main goal of this study is to develop a strategy that will lead to improved access, awareness, and participation among older adults in the recreation and leisure opportunities available in the City, County, Townships and First Nations. This strategy is scheduled to be ready in June 2019.

* These projects have received funding support from the United Way of Peterborough and District.

These Working Groups are open to public and we welcome new volunteers who are interested in making a difference in the community by implementing the Age-friendly Peterborough Community Action Plan.