Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee


The Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee was created in June 2017 for two primary purposes:

  1. to advise local governments on issues related to aging; and
  2. to guide the implementation of the Age-friendly Peterborough Community Action Plan.

Age-friendly Peterborough logo

Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee advises City Council and County Council (through the Joint Services Steering Committee), Curve Lake First Nation Council (through their Health and Family Services Committee), and Hiawatha First Nation Council. Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee is supported by four working groups which are comprised of local organizations, staff, and local volunteers. The structure below collectively represents Age-friendly Peterborough.

Visit the Age-friendly Peterborough page to find out current activities and how to become involved.

Current Age-friendly Peterborough Advisory Committee members

  • Councillor Keith Reil, City of Peterborough Council Representative
  • Councillor Karl Moher, County of Peterborough Council Representative
  • Councillor Arnold Taylor, Curve Lake First Nation Council Representative
  • Shelley King, City of Peterborough Community Representative
  • Kerri Davies, County of Peterborough Community Representative
  • Joanne Pine, Curve Lake First Nation Community Representative
  • Anne MacLeod, Basic Needs Working Group Representative
  • Danielle Belair, Staying Mobile Working Group Representative
  • Dawn Berry Merrium, Building Relationships Working Group Representative
  • Cathy Berges, Learning and Contributing Working Group Representative
  • Hiawatha First Nation Council Representative: Vacant
  • Hiawatha First Nation Community Representative: Vacant