Materials Management includes procurement/purchasing and central stores. These activities were formerly part of the Financial Services division. Staff have determined that it is in the best interests of the City to move from the current decentralized purchasing framework in place towards centralized purchasing framework. As a first step towards this, the Materials Management division was established in 2023.


Centralized purchasing will transfer the task of procurement from staff throughout all City divisions to the Materials Management staff who have the required expertise and experience. This will allow for efficiencies and potentially savings by identifying opportunities for bulk purchasing of goods and services used by more than one division.

To take the next step in moving to a centralized purchasing framework, the 2024 draft budget includes a net staffing increase effective July 1, 2024 of 2.4 FTE for a 1 FTE Purchasing Agent position and 1 FTE Corporate Buyer position and increasing the existing 0.6 FTE PT Purchasing Clerk to full-time. The budget includes the replacement of the current Purchasing Clerk and Procurement Coordinator positions with a Purchasing Agent and Corporate Buyer. The Purchasing Agents will be responsible for sourcing goods and services for all City divisions, administering purchase orders and agreements and ensuring awards are fair, transparent and represent value for money. The Corporate Buyers will provide purchasing support and expertise to staff for the purchase of materials, services, and equipment through the use of RFX documents. The

Purchasing Clerk position will continue to manage new vendors in SAP, purchasing card reconciliations and travel and expense claims for compliance with the Procurement By-law.

2024 Overview

Materials Management
Description2024 recommended
Expenditures $575,363
Revenues $17,796
Net requirement $557,567