Recreation supports the staffing, planning, advertising, delivery, supervision and evaluation of the recreation programs and services, including: community development/assistance activities; community gardens; facility management; direct delivery programs and instructional sports;  special event projects; recreation fee subsidy program; summer aquatics program; Junior Parks; volunteer initiatives; Downtown Youth Space; Peterborough Youth Commission/Council; Seniors Active Living Centres Act grants to senior recreation centres; sport field permitting; the operations of West 49 Skateboard Park, picnic sites at Beavermead, Nicholls Oval and Jackson Park; operation of the Peterborough Marina; and oversight of Beavermead Campground.

Proposed Recreation 2020 Budget


The following are key factors affecting the 2020 budget:

  • The new artificial turf field at Holy Cross Secondary School will be in play beginning with the 2020 season. The additional annual operating/maintenance expenses, and the $25,000 transfer to reserves for eventual turf replacement are off-set by the projected revenue.
  • The reduction in the 2020 budget from that of 2019 was realized through a reduction in service, by eliminating the provision of life guards at the City's two beaches.
  • The Active Living Centres Act payment to Whitlaw Mariners Seniors Club increased approximately $10,000 from 2019, due to the Club assuming 100% responsibility for the revenue and expenses of the McDonnel Street Activity Centre, as per their amended agreement with the Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club dated September 2018.
  • There were no other enhancements to the programs or services of the recreation administration division.
Service statistics
Type of service201720182019 (forecast)
Subsidy 1,649 1335 1350
Permitting 426,700 426,830 427,000
Junior Parks 1,281 929 930
Instructional Sports 1,665 1,598 1,650
Downtown Youth Space 2,201 1,967 1,970
Summer Aquatics (Beavermead, Rogers Cove beaches) 9,254 10,356 11,400
Marina Seasonal 58 68 71
Marina Transient 602 509 475

Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre

The Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre (PSWC) is a leisure recreational complex that offers community recreational programs and services. The PSWC includes features such as; leisure and therapy pools, exercise studio, fitness centre, three gymnasiums, multi-purpose meeting rooms, and a youth room. In addition to serving the City of Peterborough and surrounding communities, the PSWC serves the full-time student population at Fleming College - Sutherland Campus and the Seneca College - Aviation Campus, and is home to the Fleming College Varsity teams, The Fleming Knights. These student groups are serviced in partnership between the City of Peterborough, Fleming College and the Fleming College Student Administrative Council.

In 2020 Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre will be focusing on continued customer and membership service engagement. We will achieve this through the new integrated service model that allows for all clients, a single point of contact within the facility, a new portal feature allowing users access to our program calendars, and membership options. We will be introducing a new core training program, which will provide all staff members of the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, and Fleming College Athletics a baseline customer training model. We will be continuing development of a user feedback process, which allows members to provide direct feedback on program selection and availability. This will be achieved through the collection of in-person town hall meetings, surveys, staff evaluations, and program sustainability.

Service Statistics
Service Category 2017 2018 2019 (forecast)
Membership sales $1,250,000 $1,123,00 $1,223,000
Day passes $32,000 $13,000 $11,000
Public swims $129,500 $103,000 $97,000
Child and youth $177,250 $219,000 $216,000
Swim lessons $229,500 $270,000 $269,000