Planning and Development administers the processing of subdivision plans, zoning and official plan amendments and site plans. The service area also administers the work of the Committee of Adjustment, advises City Council and other boards, commissions, and departments on changes to the Official Plan, Zoning By-law and other planning documents.  We research and monitor community planning and development opportunities which includes conducting surveys and developing consultation programs to assist in developing planning policy. Additionally staff administer all municipal planning activities, including parks planning and the development of the City's industrial parks.


Major work program highlights for the Planning Division in 2020:

  1. Approval of the new Official Plan.
  2. Ongoing implementation of the Central Area Master Plan strategies and CIP programs.
  3. Ongoing servicing for Cleantech Commons.
  4. Completion of construction for the Louis Street Urban Park.

Major initiatives in 2019:

  1. New Official Plan released and public consultation program launched.
  2. Detailed design and engineering completed and construction started for the Louis Street Urban Park.
  3. Detailed design for Otonabee River Trail from Del Crary Park to Little Lake Cemetery completed.
  4. Construction of Cleantech Commons started.