Infrastructure and Planning Services leads the efficient delivery of essential infrastructure and services that our citizens rely on every day; including roads, sidewalks, transit, parking facilities, airport, storm water facilities, sanitary systems, wastewater treatment, waste management & recycling.

Proposed Office of the Infrastructure and Planning Services Commissioner 2020 Budget

The department also aligns functions that direct effective City Building; ensuring vitality, economic diversity, sustainability and quality of life for all citizens. The department is involved in many of the City’s strategic initiatives as they relate to the use of city assets, infrastructure and development activities.

The Commissioner provides strategic leadership to the works of all divisions within the department and is the liaison with Council. 

Success is reflected through essential service and project delivery related to the activities of the department.


  • Airport
  • Building Services
  • Engineering; Construction and Public Works
  • Environmental Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Planning and Development and Real Estate
  • Transportation Services