In the City of Peterborough organization structure, the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer includes the City's top manager, Fire Services, Emergency Management, Corporate Policy coordination, and Communication Services.

The Chief Administrative Officer provides leadership and oversight to each of the City’s departments on key projects and on daily activities as

Proposed Office of the Chief Administrative Officer 2020 budget

 Peterborough Fire Services

Peterborough Fire Services (PFS) provides fire suppression and public fire and life safety services utilizing the three lines of defense as recognized by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act (FPPA): (i) Public Education, (ii) Fire Safety Standards and Enforcement, and (iii) Fire and Emergency Response.

Approximately 85% of the PFS Operating Budget is applied to salaries and benefits. PFS staff includes a Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Manager of Staffing and Logistics, 1.7 Administrative Assistant, CUPE L126, and 96 in Suppression and Support Services, PPFFA L169. In 2020, PFS will continue to focus on succession planning as several senior officers are eligible or scheduled to retire.

PFS provides fire and emergency dispatch/communication services to all eight neighbouring municipalities within Peterborough County and all seven Fire Departments within Northumberland County. Any increased costs are offset by the associated revenues.

Response statistics
Response type201720182019 (forecast)
Fire/explosion 393 393 400
Rescue 73 45 50
Motor vehicle collision 439 447 455
False alarms/malicious 44 34 40
Alarm-No fire 804 809 805
Public hazard 200 286 250
Medical call 2,624 2,662 2,670
Public service 532 464 500
Assist other agencies 214 105 150
Miscellaneous 320 415 350
Dispatch calls for County of Peterborough 4,029 4,220 4,300
Dispatch calls for County of Northumberland 3,896 4,299 4,350


 Emergency and Risk Management

The Emergency and Risk Management Division is committed to providing leadership and guidance to address natural and human caused emergencies that can disrupt normal operations and channels of communication, and may stretch available resources for emergency response and recovery operations. This includes preparation and planning to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of citizens, the protection of property and the environment, and the provision of effective and timely incident response and recovery.

The Division oversees corporate risk management services, insurance procurement and claims handling. Staff provide advice and guidance to all departments regarding risk mitigation and insurance for operating activities and capital projects.

The Division received 569 incident reports between January 1 and September 16, 2019, of which 102 resulted in claims against the
City. By comparison, there were a total of 387 incident reports and 56 claims during the same time period in 2018. In total, there were 572 incidents and 85 claims in 2018, compared to 358 and 87 respectively in 2017. All claims are investigated for gross negligence and legal liability, and are handled in accordance with best practices and case law.

 Communication Services

Communication is a corporate-wide activity with both external and internal audiences. The City communicates with residents, businesses and other stakeholders through its various channels, such as direct community engagement activities, its website, and social media. The City launched a new website and an Online Community Engagement Platform in 2019. Enhancing community engagement remains a priority for 2020 along with strengthening internal communications. The ongoing implementation of the new City branding generally calls for replacing assets through their normal replacement schedule for a gradual implementation of the brand although some assets with longer life cycles, such as signage and branding on vehicles, could proceed ahead of the typical schedule.

Communication Services includes customer service, accessibility, and corporate sponsorship activities. Through the 2018 to 2022 Accessibility Plan approved by City Council on September 10, 2018, the City expressed its commitment to demonstrating leadership for accessibility in the community.

The corporate sponsorship program works to leverage investments in services and assets to generate alternative sources of revenue for the City, where there is a good fit for the City and its partners.