Facilities Management provide day-to-day maintenance and preventative maintenance of all City facilities, and manage capital renovation and rehabilitation projects.

Proposed Facilities Management 2020 budget


In the last several years, the responsibilities of the Facilities Management Division have grown. The Division has assumed:

  • The Louis Street Urban is expected to open in late September 2020, the park maintenance budget will be managed by the Facilities Management Division in cooperation with Public Works and the Arenas Division
  • Project management of major facility capital renovations projects for all City facilities
  • The role of property management for City facilities in terms of maintaining the facility, day-to-day maintenance, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, coordinating small renovations and repairs
  • Management of a large number of residential rental properties for short term and long-term rentals
  • Performing due diligence when any property is purchased that includes a building
  • Energy management for the Corporation, reviewing, analyzing, forecasting consumption for all utilities and forecasting future years' costs
  • Managing the City's Asbestos Management Program for current condition and all abatement requirements as needed