The City of Peterborough operates and maintains a Class 4 Waste Water Treatment Plant, 11 sewage pumping stations, storm and sanitary sewer collection systems and an accredited laboratory in compliance with Environmental Approval Compliance requirements, through its Environmental Protection Division. The division also operates and maintains the Centennial Fountain in Little Lake.

Proposed Environmental Protection 2020 budget


The plant has maintained its ability to accommodate existing demand and provides a final effluent of exceptionally high quality. All pumping stations, sanitary sewer collection systems and waste water treatment plant expenditures are funded from the sewer surcharge. Revenue from
“extra strength” surcharge agreements, and hauled sewage from surrounding counties, will continue to offset the Environmental Monitoring Program and plant operating costs. The laboratory services internal departmental needs (e.g. City/County Landfill) to complement its activities. In 2019, the laboratory successfully retained its drinking water licence and accreditation.

Since January 1, 2017, the City has been operating the Millbrook waste water treatment plant and undertaken certain activities related to the township sanitary collection system all under contract to the Peterborough Utilities Commission.

In 2020, the waste water treatment plant will process approximately 18 million cubic metres of sewage, and 90,000-110,000 cubic metres of landfill leachate. Actual volumes will be influenced by the amount of rainfall and snowmelt.