• REMINDER: DO NOT rake your leaves to the curb!
  • Lifts can be no heavier than 22kgs (50lbs) and no longer than 1m (3ft) in length
  • Unlimited quantities of green waste collected when in reusable containers (with labels), bushel baskets or paper yard waste bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS!
  • Set out green waste no earlier than 6pm the night before or no later than 7am the morning of your collection.
  • Composters available for sale at City Hall and the Household Hazardous Waste Depot
  • Greenwaste labels can be picked up at NO charge at City Hall.
Q. When does green waste collection start / finish?
A. Collection of green waste begins the first Monday in April and ends the last Friday in November.

Q. How do I dispose of sod or greenwaste?

Sod can be accepted for curbside green waste collection as long as it is under 50lbs (23kg) in weight. If you have large quantities we recommend that it is taken to the Landfill Drop-off Depot at 1260 Bensfort Road. Green waste is free of charge for disposal at the Landfill of 100 kgs or less. Loads that exceed 100 kgs will be charged at $45/tonne for the entire load. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-4:45pm and Saturday 8am-3:45pm.

Q. When will the curbside organics collection start?

Curbside collection of organics continues to be investigated.  Myriad issues have prevented this from moving ahead, including stringent provincial regulations, and high costs.  While we continue to seek a viable, local solution, we will not be able to offer this program in the near future