• COLLECTION ISSUES - Call Public Works at 705-745-1386
  • Ensure Garbage/Recycling/Green waste is at the curb by 7:00 am, but not before 6:00pm the preceding day. Remove empty containers from curb by 8:00pm of your collection day.
  • Acceptable Lifts are 22kg (50lbs) in weight and less than 1m (3ft) in length. Anything larger than these limits are considered a large article.
  • Next large article collection event is April 29, 2019Payment must be made by Thursday, prior to collection day, by 4:30 pm.

What is an Acceptable "Lift"?

Bag Dimensions

Plastic garbage bags (no grocery bags please) no greater than 89 cm (26 in) x 90 cm (36 in) and 22 kg (50 lbs) in weight.

Can Dimensions

Garbage cans no greater than 125 L (30 gallon) with side handles and a lid and 22 kg (50 lbs) in weight.

Bulky Dimensions

Bulky items less than 1 m (3 ft) in length and 22 kg (50 lbs) in weight.