Member Testimonials

Fit, healthy...and ninety pounds lighter!

"I have been coming to the Wellness Center for about 4 years. For me, coming to the gym was a wake up call as to how unhealthy I had become. I was always thin and active as a young girl but I guess life came along and the excuse was always to busy with work, kids and all kinds of other excuses. So one day I woke up looking at a person that I no longer recognized. Don't get me wrong I have always been very confident in who I am but I was fat and unhealthy. Harsh word FAT but very true. Now 4 years later 90LBS lighter and the most important, I am fit and healthy. I thank the Wellness Centre for what they offer, reasonable cost, great service and the best staff."
~ Irena Z.

Personal training helped me achieve my goals.

"I signed up for personal training because I wanted to gain knowledge in the fitness industry. I found personal training to be a huge help keeping me focused on my goals, which lead to achieving them. Having someone work alongside you can really make a difference. They are there to support you and offer encouragement and commendation, as well as pointers and advice when needed. I would highly recommend anyone, especially those who are new to the concept of working out and those looking to learn proper exercise form and technique, to give personal training a shot. There is nothing to lose, and yet so much to gain from the experience.
~ Kayla M.

I learned the skills needed to reach my post-baby fitness goals.

"I would recommend to anyone who has recently had a baby to go to the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre and sign up for any (or all) of the post-natal fitness classes they have to offer!  Lead by Pre/Post Natal Specialist, Instructor and Personal Trainer Anne Westfall I learned all the skills I needed to safely reach my post-baby fitness goals through programs designed for all fitness levels that are both challenging and fun. After taking all the post natal fitness classes I could, I started personal training with Anne and benefited even more from her knowledge of post-natal fitness. Through customized aerobic and weight training programs, one-on-one instruction and encouragement I have continued to see improvements in myself and am actually in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy.  I have lost 20 lbs, have more energy and feel stronger than I ever have. Thank you Anne!
~ Amber C.

Personal training helped me prepare for my upcoming wedding.

"Personal training has not only helped me prepare for my upcoming wedding, it has also changed my life. Investing in a personal trainer has empowered me and allowed me to use my time at the gym more effectively. Guidance and support has encouraged me to live a healthier life and has kept me on track in order to meet my fitness goals."
~ Lindsay T.

My Osteoarthritis improved after using the warm water therapy pool.

"Recently, my doctor advised me that with Osteoarthritis in my back and legs, I should participate in the programs offered in the warm water Therapy Pool at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre. In just four months, with the help of personal trainer Anne Westfall, I have progressed from using a walker all of the time to being confident walking with a cane. Anne is a patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable coach. She designs my exercise programs to progressively meet my needs and abilities. I am very happy with my progress and the positive effect it has had in my life."
~ Judith M.

I have more energy and a much needed boost of confidence.

"I signed up for personal training because going to the gym was a daunting and overwhelming prospect. I hadn't been in years and didn't know where to start. I also have unique physical needs/limitations and was concerned that just diving in could result in an injury and/or become discouraged. So far I have lost close to 20 pounds, I have more energy and a much needed boost of confidence. My trainer was encouraging, understanding, knowledgeable and supportive and has become a friend along the way. I would recommend personal training in a heart beat for anybody who wants to do things "right" and needs guidance. Or for anybody new to the Wellness Centre - I think it is vital, in that it gives the new member a better insight on how to get the most from your experience with a gym."
~ Christy D.

I wanted to tone and shape my body after losing a lot of weight.

"I signed up for Personal Training because I wanted to tone and shape my body after losing a lot of weight and to increase my muscle strength and endurance. My achievement has been substantial, I have lost over 65 pounds since beginning to work out at the gym, and my trainer’s expertise and enthusiasm has been fun and rewarding to continue coming to the gym and working towards my goals. I would recommend personal training for anyone willing to put in the work to make the results happen. Having someone with knowledge to help you along makes a big difference especially once results show less on a scale and more in physical ability. Having a personal trainer is one of the best things I have done for myself. It has given my workouts at the gym a focus and has really helped me attain the results I wanted."
~ Chris B.

Take it from Bill: Senior Golfers and Ball Players

Do you want to avoid injury and play better? Here's a recipe for success:
* Take 1 cup of willingness
* Stir in 2 tsp of dedication
* Work in the gym until sweat glistens
* Blend in a large dose of trainer Anne Westfall's expertise

Repeat at least three times weekly. Voila - you've got game and you'll feel better as well!
~ Bill Y.