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From salt to chlorine: we are changing for the better!


A little history...
When the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre was built in 2005, chlorine-based pool sanitization equipment was installed. As saltwater systems became popular in backyard pools, many municipalities across Canada (including the Wellness Centre) began switching larger public pools to salt-based chlorinating systems as well. Over time, those municipalities who switched to saltwater systems have reverted back to chlorine systems due to saltwater’s negative effects on facilities and equipment.

So why is the Wellness Centre switching?
Salt-based chlorination affects the Wellness Centre in two ways:

  1. The salt-based chlorination system does not adapt to varying bather loads and diminishes pool sanitization effectiveness. 
  2. Because our facility system is best suited for chlorine, the salt that we add to the pool erodes and ages our equipment at a faster rate than normal.

Did you know?
Salt-based systems do not mean chlorine-free swimming. Salt goes through a process of electrolysis, bonding chemicals to create chlorine. This is what cleans the pool. Chlorine is the only way to effectively clean water at the rate required to meet Health & Safety Standards. Chlorine levels are kept between 1.5 and 3.0 PPM. You have already been swimming in a form of chlorine.

Our new chlorine system means healthier swimming.
The Wellness Centre has installed the newest and most effective automated chlorine-based system available. Chlorine rates will remain consistently between 1.5 and 3.0 PPM, ensuring our pools run more efficiently and use chemicals. This creates a healthier swimming environment overall.

How can you help?
We are committed to creating a healthy swimming environment through continuous upgrades to our equipment, chemicals, and staff training. You can help us maintain an optimal swimming environment by showering with soap and hot water before and after entering the pool. Showering removes harmful laundry detergents, bodily fluids, and lotions which can change the chemical balance of the pools and prevent chlorine from working effectively. 

Your health and comfort is our highest priority! 
Thank you for helping us provide you with the best swimming environment possible.

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Swim Healthy - Swim Happy!


Why should I shower?

  • All swimmers can bring bodily fluids such as urine and feces into the pool. If you don’t shower using soap before swimming, pool chlorine and other disinfectants focus on decontaminating bodily fluids rather than the serious germs which can make you sick. This causes the chlorine levels to rise and you may begin to smell the chemicals used in the water. By showering with soap, you will help create a healthier swimming environment.
  • Shower using soap before you get in the water. Washing for just one minute removes most of the dirt (or anything else) from your body. 
  • Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea, or if you have an open wound such as a piercing or from surgery. 
  • Don’t pee or poop in the water. Don’t swallow the water.
  • After swimming, shower using soap to remove pool chemicals. 

What should I wear?

  • Stick with a swimsuit*. Street clothing spreads bacteria, sweat, and fecal matter when worn in the pool. 
    Clothing made of cotton can fray leaving little pieces in the water which can damage pool drains and filters. 
    Loose fitting clothing poses a safety risk. Street clothing can become heavy when wet, or get caught on pool equipment or sucked into the filter.
  • If modesty is of concern, consider wearing “Rash Guard” long-sleeve garments which are designed for chlorinated environments (available in stores or online). 
    *The suitability of swimming attire is solely at the Centre’s discretion and is defined as clothing that is clean and designed specifically for swimming. 

What do you bring into a pool?

Hair 10 million microbes
Spit 8 million microbes in a single drop
Hands 5 million microbes
Poop 140 billion microbes
Nose, mouth, skin billions of microbes
Sweat 1 to 2 pop cans
Pee 1 cup
  A kid brings 10 grams of poop with 10 trillion microbes into a pool!

On average, how much water will you swallow during 45 minutes of swimming?
Adults:  1 tbsp
Kids:  2 ½ tbsp

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