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Realty Tax Assistance/Rebate Programs

Low Income Seniors or Low Income Disabled Persons Property Tax Assistance Program

Program Details:

  1. Tax Relief granted under this program shall be a credit on the tax account, provided that the Property Owner, spouse of the Property Owner, or both:

    1. solely own(s) and solely occupy(ies) and is (are) named as an owner of the property applied for and that the property taxes imposed are for the principal residence only; and
    2. was assessed as the owner of residential real property in the City of Peterborough as of January 1st, 2018 and remained the owner until at least December 31, 2018; and
    3. is a person who is:
    • 65 years of age or older, as of December 31, 2018 and is in receipt of benefits paid under the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) program, as established under The Old Age Security Act (Canada), or under Guaranteed Annual Income Systems (GAINS) as established under the Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income Act; or
    • 55-64 years of age, as of December 31, 2018 and whose combined taxable income as reported on Line 260 of 2017's Income Tax Notice of Assessment is less than $30,000; or
    • in receipt of benefits paid under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997.
  2. The eligibility criteria applies to the oldest person in the household when applying for the Senior tax relief. 
  3. The tax relief is a flat amount of $400 with the exception of those previously receiving a credit greater than $400 for which the higher amount is grandfathered in until the owner no longer owns property in the City or they no longer fit the eligibility criteria for one of the above categories. 
  4. Tax relief shall be granted to only one eligible owner per eligible property solely classified in the residential tax class per year.  Owners may not own more than one property in the City of Peterborough. 
  5. If the applicant purchased the property after January 1st, 2018, tax relief will not be granted in 2019.  Eligible owners in this situation can reapply for tax relief for the 2020 taxation year.
  6. The tax relief will be applied against the 2019 Interim Tax bill as a credit on the tax account thereby reducing the March installment payable.  For those taxpayers on the City's monthly pre-authorized payment plan, the monthly amount will be adjusted to include the tax relief for the final six monthly payments in 2019.
  7. No tax relief shall be granted to those owners who may be in receipt of tax relief under the Heritage Tax Credit program or Community Improvement Plans.
  8. Applications must include supporting documentation establishing that the applicant is receiving funds under one of the prescribed programs or that their combined taxable income is less than $30,000 annually.
  9. If taxes and penalties are not paid up-to-date, the tax relief amount will be applied to the outstanding amount.

2019 applications are now available or by call the Tax Office at the phone number noted below.

City of Peterborough
Property Tax Department
705-742-7777 x1865


Heritage Tax Rebate Program

Program Details: Owners of property designated under The Ontario Heritage Act and subject to a heritage conservation easement agreement may be eligible to receive tax relief for municipal and school purposes levied on their eligible heritage property in the amount of 40% for residential properties and 20% for commercial and multi-residential (including new multi-residential) properties. The Heritage Tax Relief Program is subject to the conditions set out in enacting by-law 03-208 & 04-023, and persons wishing to apply for Heritage Tax Relief shall use this application form.

  1. The Heritage Property Tax Relief Program is subject at all times to the availability of funding for the program. The City of Peterborough or Council is not required to provide funding for this program and the program may be eliminated by Council through repeal of the enacting by-law at any time, with no notice whatsoever to affected persons. 
  2. The Heritage Property Tax Relief Program is subject to any regulations that the Minister of Finance may make governing by-laws on tax refunds and reductions for heritage properties. 
  3. Applicants need only apply once every five years for the relief. 
  4. Only one heritage tax credit will be allowed annually for each easement agreement in respect of an eligible heritage property in the residential, commercial or multi-residential property tax class. 
  5. If multiple easement and/or preservation and maintenance agreements are registered on one parcel of land, only one credit will be provided for that parcel. 
  6. The portion of a property’s total assessment that is attributable to the building or structure or portion of the building or structure that is eligible heritage property and the land used in connection with it may be determined by the assessment corporation at the request of the City. 
  7. The owner of an eligible heritage property must make application on the prescribed form no later than the last day of February in the year following the year for which the owner is seeking to obtain the heritage tax refund. Applications received after this date will only be considered for the following taxation year.
  8. Where funding is insufficient to give heritage tax relief to every eligible applicant, applications will be considered in the order they are received. No priority will be given to applicants who have previously obtained heritage tax relief. 
  9. Once application for the Program or for Program renewal is made, the owner must consent to the City conducting an inspection to determine the condition and extent of the heritage attributes which the easement agreement and maintenance and preservation plan will cover. 
  10. No heritage tax relief will be given where the City determines that the relevant easement agreement and preservation plan has not been complied with to the satisfaction of the City. 
  11. The heritage tax relief shall be calculated using the assessed value of the property for taxation purposes. If the assessment of a property for a year changes as a result of proceedings under The Assessment Act, the heritage tax credit shall be re-calculated using the new assessment. 
  12. If the owner of an eligible heritage property demolishes the eligible heritage property or breaches the terms of the relevant easement or preservation and maintenance agreement, the City may require the owner to repay part or all of any heritage tax refund(s) provided to the owner for one or more years under this program. 
  13. The City may require the owner to pay interest on the amount of any repayment required at a rate not exceeding the lowest prime rate reported to the Bank of Canada by any of the banks listed in Schedule I of The Bank Act (Canada), calculated from the date the Heritage Tax Relief was provided. 
  14. Any amount repaid will be shared by the City and school boards that share in the revenue from taxes on the property, in the same proportion that they shared in the cost of the heritage tax refund(s) on the property. 
  15. If tax arrears are attributable to a property, any relief granted will first be applied against the outstanding tax liability in respect of the property. 

If you require help in completing this application form or have questions regarding the Heritage Property Tax Relief Program, please contact:

 City of Peterborough
Heritage Preservation Office 
705-742-7777 ext. 1489