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Bus Routes & Schedules

For Accessible HTML versions of our bus schedules, visit our Accessible Services page.

Regular Routes

Peterborough Transit operates 12 regular routes Monday through Sunday on a 40 minute frequency.  A 20 minute service is provided on to Routes 2, 7, 8 and 10 on weekdays from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 2:20 - 6:20 p.m.

A map showing the regular routes is posted in all the transit shelters and at the Transit Terminal.   Printed maps are available at the Transit Terminal and on the buses.  An interactive map that shows all the bus stops and shelters is available on-line.  Please note that you must use Explorer as your web browser for it to work properly.

Route Schedules

Routes 1 and 6

Routes 2, 8, 10

Routes 3, 4, 5, 9, 11

Route 7

Route 12

All Route Schedules

Route mid-point locations are:

Route 1 - Hilliard & Langton Street

Route 5 -The Parkway @ Wal-Mart Plaza Route 9 - Armour Road @ Nassau Mills Rd.

Route 2 - Wal-Mart

Route 6 - Woodglade Blvd. @ White Cres. Route 10 - Bensfort Road & Collison Ave.

Route 3 - Portage Place Mall

Route 7 - see schedule
Route 11 - Willowcreek Plaza

Route 4 - Ravenwood Dr. @ Glenforest Blvd.

Route 8 - Crawford Drive & Erskine Ave.

Route 12 - GM Financial

Community Bus

The Community Bus serves all regular transit bus stops along the route as well as stops served only by the Community Bus.  You can transfer between the Community Bus and regular buses to get where you need to go. 

Community Bus Route and Schedule


Trent University Express Services

"Trent Express" offers two services: the "Trent West Bank" travels from the Peterborough Transit terminal (on Simcoe Street) to Bata Library and the "Trent East Bank" travels from the Peterborough Transit terminal to the DNA lab and Gzowski college.

  • Trent Express bus routes and stops are shown on this map; Trent Express Routes Map

  • The schedules for these routes change according to the school year.  The Trent buses stop on Simcoe Street in front of the Peterborough Transit Terminal.

Fleming Express

Fleming Express services have improved significantly.  The Fleming College Routes are funded by Fleming students The schedule changes according to the college academic calendar.  

All services, including Trent and Fleming routes, are available to everyone. Regular fares apply.

High School Routes

There are several routes that serve high schools during the school year.  The schedules are provided on the High School Route Map.

Technology Drive Industrial Service 

Technology Drive services are available to everyone. Regular fares apply.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of these maps. Go to for the free download.

Trans-Cab Service

Trans-Cab Service is provided in areas of the City not serviced by regular bus routes; you can see these areas on this map. From these areas, you can take a taxi to and from the nearest Trans-Cab stop. Tans-Cab service is available on the following Routes: 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. 

Note: 2 new Trans-cab areas;

(1) Old Norwood Road area west of Television Rd/ MacFarlane Ave from Route # 11 (stop at Lift-lock Golf course)

(2) Golfview Dr /Silverdale Rd area from Route # 5 (stop at Walmart).

To get Downtown using Trans-Cab:

  1. Make sure you are in an area that is marked as a Trans-Cab zone.
  2. Dial 705-748-4443 at least an hour before you would like to be at a bus stop.
  3. A taxi will pick you up and take you to the nearest Trans-Cab stop (marked on the map as TC). All routes will take you downtown.

Note: the Trans-Cab fare is $3.00 which includes the taxi and bus portion of your trip. Pay the cab driver.

To get from Downtown using Trans-Cab:

  1. Board a bus on a Route serviced by Trans-Cab.
  2. Advise the driver you need a Trans-Cab when you deposit the regular bus fare plus the $0.50 Trans-Cab fare.
  3. The driver will give you a transfer and radio for a cab which will meet you at the Trans-Cab stop and drive you to your destination.

Snow Routes

During heavy snow falls and when roads become slippery, the following routes will be modified as indicated:

(Notifications will be posted on MyBeat and Twitter @ptbo_transit as required)

Route 1 Outbound and inbound Hilliard to Oriole Dr to Marina bypassing the Langton hill + second detour outbound and inbound on Cumberland

Route 3 Inbound Fairbairn to Bellevue to Donegal - bypassing the Donegal hill

Route 6 Outbound and inbound on Brealey Dr bypassing Cherryhill Rd and Kawartha Heights Blvd.

Route 7 Outbound and inbound on Sir Sandford Fleming Drive between Spillsbury Dr and Brealey Dr bypassing the lower section of Spillsbury and Airport

Route 10 Outbound on Bensfort Rd to River Road South bypassing Collison/Southpark/Maxwell

Route 11 Outbound and inbound Hunter to Rogers or Armour to Maria and cross the canal at the Maria St bridge bypassing the Liftlock tunnel

Trent West Bank Inbound  Parkhill Rd to Reid St bypassing the Stewart hill

Trent East Bank Outbound Nassau Mills to Pioneer to Gzowski Way bypassing the DNA building


Parade Routes

The city of Peterborough has a variety of parades throughout the year. Traditionally, the parade route travels from City Hall at McDonnell St and George St and travels south to Lansdowne St at Roger Neilson Way. During these events, the following Transit detours* will be in effect:   

Route 1 "George North" out-bound will use Simcoe St to Rubidge St / Reid St to Parkhill Rd to Water St continuing on regular route. In-bound will use George St to Parkhill Rd to Reid St to Simcoe St.

Route 9 "Nichols Park" after departing the terminal, it will only return as far as Simcoe St and Water St, and depart from there each trip until the parade passes Simcoe St.

Route 10 "Collison" out-bound will use Simcoe St to Aylmer St to Lansdowne St, continuing on regular route. In-bound will use Lansdowne St to Aylmer St to Simcoe St.

Route 11 "Ashburnham" after departing the terminal, it will only return as far as Simcoe St and Water St, and depart from there each trip until the parade passes Simcoe St.

Route 40 "Trent West Bank" in-bound will use McDonnell St to Aylmer St to Simcoe St.

Route 42 "Trent East Bank" out-bound will use Aylmer St to McDonnell to Reid St to Parkhill Rd continuing on regular route. In-bound will use Parkhill Rd to Reid St to McDonnell St to Aylmer St Simcoe St. 

* Note, the parade start times do not affect the detour routes.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter "@ptbo_transit" for service information and unexpected disruptions.