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About Parking In Peterborough

The City of Peterborough Parking Division manages 2,253 parking spaces in the downtown area, 1,163 are in parking garages, 574 are in parking lots and 516 are on-street parking spaces. The Parking Division also administers the Parking By-Law, including enforcement. The Parking By-Law outlines where and when parking is permitted on all city streets. Parking tickets can be paid on-line.

Winter Parking Restrictions

To assist snow-clearing operations, winter parking restrictions are now in effect in the City of Peterborough. To avoid tickets and/or your vehicle being towed, observe the following: 

  1. From December 1- April 1, parking is prohibited on all City streets from 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m. This allows better snow clearing of city streets and at a lower cost because equipment will not have to return to clear areas where vehicles were parked. The fine for a violation is $25.
  2. During a snowstorm, when snow-clearing operations are underway, no stopping of a vehicle is permitted on any city street. Snow-clearing operations typically take place between midnight and 8 a.m. The fine is $80 for this violation and your vehicle will be towed. All vehicles north of Parkhill road will be toed to Milroy Park located at 242 Milroy Drive, with all other vehicles being towed to Morrow Park located at 171 Lansdowne St. W.  After 24 hours, all unclaimed vehicles will be towed to an impound yard at the owners expense.

Where can I park off street overnight?

Vehicles need to be off all streets, including streets in the downtown. Free overnight parking is permitted at all Municipal parking lots, King Street Parkade and Simcoe Parking Garage. Vehicles parked overnight at either parking garage can obtain a gate arm ticket upon entry to the garage to be used for a free transit trip home.

Can I park on City streets during the day or evening when it is snowing?

Parking is normally permitted throughout the day and evening during snowy weather. Only in an extreme weather event would a public service announcement be initiated to remove vehicles from city streets during the day or evening.

Remember… there is no parking any time of the year on city streets for longer than 3 hours, except where a sign indicates otherwise.

Thank you for your cooperation – you are helping to make city snow clearing more efficient and effective!

For more information, call Parking at 705-742-7777 ext. 2802.

HotSpot Parking App

HotSpot Logo

The HotSpot Parking App is now available in Peterborough at all meters and Pay and Display Machines. The HotSpot Parking App offers you a mobile parking app at a monthly or annual fee for the convenience of paying for parking on a mobile device.

HotSpot gives you more convenience when parking by:

  • A notification of when your meter is going to expire
  • The ability to add more time to your parking spot (up to the maximum time limit)
  • A code for the area you parked in

Additional Information to Remember

  • Metered on-street parking downtown is intended for quick stops, with a goal of ensuring that spaces are available for customers and visitors which, in turn, helps the downtown thrive
  • On-street parking is limited to 2 (two) hours, parking lots and garages are available for longer parking needs
  • If you receive a parking ticket, paper tickets will still be issued, not through the mobile app
  • You do not have to use the mobile app in order to pay, standard methods of payment for parking remain unchanged
  • Paid parking is in effect Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Parking is free on weekends, holidays and after designated time restrictions listed in the parking bylaw. HotSpot will not process payment during these times
  • The App allows you to end your parking session at any time and get a refund for the remaining time.
  • HotSpot collects a revenue from monthly and annual fees; they do not receive a percentage of the meter revenue. This new technology has no cost to the municipality. 

If you experience a problem with the HotSpot app, you can contact HotSpot directly 1-855-712-5888.


Where to Park Downtown Peterborough

On-Street Parking - Two Hour Limit

Metered parking is provided on streets throughout the downtown area. On-street parking is intended for quick stops, usually less than an hour in length. The maximum stay at on-street metered spaces is two hours. Please respect these limits - it helps to keep the downtown healthy. The rate for on-street parking is $1.25 per hour.

Parking for More than 2 Hours and up to a Full Day

Some parking lots and both parking garages can be used for a quick stop or for up to a full day. The rates are $1.50/hour or $10.50 maximum for all day at both parking garages, with the first hour being free. Surface lots are $1.25/hour or $8.75 maximum for all day.  The parking lots that permit all day parking are: Brock Lot, Chambers Lot, Reid Lot and the Del Crary Lot. Note that private parking is also available under Peterborough Square. The access is off Charlotte Street, near where Charlotte Street intersects with Simcoe Street.

Monthly Pass Parking (sold out for 2018)

Monthly pass parking is available at Simcoe Street Parking Garage, King Street Parkade, Brock Lot, Rehill Lot and Del Crary Lot. The rates range from $42.00 to $90.00 per month depending on the location (see table below). Monthly passes for the Simcoe Street Parking Garage are available at the on-site kiosk. Monthly passes for all other lots and the King Street Parkade are available at the on-site kiosk and at the security office. Cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and debit are accepted for payment. (Currently sold out)

Map of Parking Lots and Garages Downtown Peterborough

This map shows where the parking lots and garages are in downtown Peterborough. The table lists the rates, time limits and availability of accessible parking spaces. Map showing parking locations Table showing services available at parking locations

Parking on City Streets with No Meters

The maximum time a vehicle can be parked on any city street with no meters is three hours. Many streets limit the times and dates when parking is permitted. Please read on-street parking signs carefully to determine if parking is permitted.

Parking Infractions

The following are the fines for parking infractions in the City of Peterborough. Payment of tickets is required to renew your driver's license. Parking tickets can be paid on-line or at locations listed on the back of the infraction notice.

Parking Infraction Rates


Description Of Offence


Set Fine

1 Parked at angle other than 90 degrees 4.2 $25.00
2 Parked not completely within parking space 4.3(a) $25.00
3 Occupy more than one parking space 4.3(b) $25.00
4 Obstructing aisle 4.3(c] $25.00
5 Parked with right wheels more than 15cm from curb 4.8 $25.00
6 Parked with right wheels more than 15cm from roadway 4.9 $25.00
7 Parked left wheels more than 15cm from curb 4.1 $25.00
8 Parked left wheels more than 15cm from roadway 4.11 $25.00
9 Stopped on sidewalk 4.13 $30.00
10 Stopped within intersection/crosswalk 4.14 $30.00
11 Stopped within 10m of crosswalk 4.15 $30.00
12 Stopped so as to interfere with traffic 4.16 $30.00
13 Stopped so as to interfere with snow clearing 4.17 $80.00
14 Stopped so as to interfere with highway cleaning 4.18 $30.00
15 Stopped alongside other stopped vehicle 4.19 $30.00
16 Stopped on bridge/tunnel/underpass 4.2 $30.00
17 Stopped on median 4.21 $30.00
18 Stopped along excavation/obstruction impede traffic 4.22 $30.00
19 Stopped near intersection pedestrian signal 4.23 $30.00
20 Stopped where prohibited in school area 4.24 $30.00
21 Stopped near school crossing 4.25 $30.00
22 Parked on or over boulevard 4.26 $25.00
23 Parked within 2m of driveway 4.27 $25.00
24 Parked to obstruct driveway 4.28 $25.00
25 Parked within 3m of fire hydrant 4.29 $25.00
26 Stopped within 10m of intersection 4.3 $30.00
27 Stopped within 30m of intersection 4.3 $30.00
28 Parked to display vehicle for sale 4.31 $25.00
29 Parked to grease/wash/repair vehicle 4.32 $25.00
30 Parked 30m advance/15m beyond railway crossing 4.33 (a) $25.00
31 Parked within 4m of railway tracks 4.33 (b) $25.00
32 Parked to obstruct removal previously parked vehicle 4.34 $25.00
33 Parked longer than 3 hours 4.35 $25.00
34 Parked between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Dec. 1st to April 1st 4.36 $25.00
35 Parked on a temporarily closed highway 4.37 $25.00
36 Parked oversized vehicle on highway 4.38 $25.00
37 Parked at covered parking control device 4.39 $25.00
38 Stopped in prohibited area 5.1 $30.00
39 Parked in prohibited area 6.1 $25.00
40 Parked longer than maximum permitted period 6.2 $25.00
41 Parked on private property without consent 7.1 $25.00
42 Parked in fire route 7.3 $25.00
43 Parked on municipal property without consent 7.4 $25.00
44 Parked in lot 8.4 $25.00
45 Parked in parkade 8.6 $25.00
46 Parked longer than maximum permitted at control device 9.2 $25.00
47 Parked in commercial vehicle loading zone 10.1 $25.00
48 Stopped in taxi stand 11.1 $30.00
49 Parked in bus stop 12.2 $25.00
50 Parked 18m in advance of or 30m beyond bus stop 12.3 $25.00
51 Parked in school bus loading zone 12.5 $25.00
52 Parked in Accessible Parking Space 13.3 $300.00

Parking By-Law

The City's Parking By-Law outlines where and when parking is permitted on all city streets.