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New Beginnings

Phot of a caregiver holding the hands of a senior (Image by Microsoft Office Clipart)

This is the story of a recent graduate from the Personal Support Worker program, in her own words.

Picture this...

You’re a young mom,[and] didn’t qualify for EI. I had no choice but to sign up for Ontario assistance. I wasn’t overly thrilled, but was overly nervous. Once I had my appointment I heard about the courses they offered and signed myself up for the PSW course. Now my mother was a PSW so I had some idea of what I was exactly signing up for. A couple months later I started my course. Now what I got out of this course I didn’t expect. This course was more than intriguing. It gets you to think outside the box, use critical thinking and common sense. This course is an amazing opportunity to have a rewarding career and life-long friend group that you will have for support along the way as classmates.

As I said before, my mom was a PSW. She had also taken this course 12 years ago and still loves her career. This job may not be for everyone, it truly takes a certain type of person! But, when you have fun learning, it makes it pretty easy.

This course gave me a great opportunity for a rewarding lifelong career, and my best opportunity to provide the best life for my family.”