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Getting my Grade 12 Diploma

Image of a girl holding books. Photo by Microsoft Office Clipart CCBy3.0 License

Vanessa has always been a resilient, driven, and determined woman. Having been diagnosed with anxiety and learning disabilities in her teens, Vanessa was used to working hard at her education. This wasn't always easy. She found herself in and out of school, and eventually started using drugs and alcohol to cope. This helped for a while, but eventually brought on new sets of problems. Vanessa made the choice to get clean. Now, she needed to start going after the things she wanted. She wanted to feel good about herself, she wanted new friends, and, she wanted a job.

Vanessa knew that she needed to complete her Grade 12 Diploma. This time, Vanessa was not giving up. She tried Adult Education Centres, she tried studying for the General Equivalency Diploma and she tried connecting to smaller literacy providers. When something wasn't a good fit, she moved on. Last stop...correspondence at Peterborough Alternative Continuing Education (PACE). She started working with Ontario Works Student Earn & Learn staff on a regular basis, accessing encouragement, support, and some extra financial support with her school costs. She switched jobs to accommodate her school work. She asked for extra help with school work. In just a few short months, Vanessa successfully completed her Grade 12 Diploma. She proudly wore her graduation cap and gown in June 2014. Vanessa was very quick to credit staff in helping her along the way:

“I would like to thank you for the continuous support and have been a great impact in my life and I view my accomplishments as a reflection of the support and guidance I have received from you...”

Vanessa started the Personal Support Worker Program in August of 2014. She loves this next step on her journey!