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Hiring Fairs

Hiring Fairs


We have an attractive selection of venues for any Hiring fair. If you haven't already selected a location, we would be happy to send some photos of the space we have available. Site fees can be covered by the City of Peterborough. 

Advertising of the Hiring Fair
We will assist with the design and set up of the advertisements with local advertisers.

Our staff can provide valuable support before, during and after the event, to direct the flow of job candidates and enhance the application process by helping with questions, paperwork, etc.

We will work with you to coordinate the set up of the Hiring Fair facility.

Pool of Applicants
Peterborough has a thriving and energetic workforce. Our focus is to understand the needs of business, and then recommend our most qualified candidates, based on job criteria. We get to know our job seekers really well, and employers are very happy with our placement services.

We truly value the investment of new employers to our area, and understand the challenge of hiring so many people at one time, so we "roll out the red carpet" by offering you these valuable services. We welcome your call anytime to discuss ways we can help in the hiring process.

Previous Events

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