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178 Charlotte St. Box 4138
Peterborough, ON
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The Peterborough Employment Services Placement Experts offers free services for employers in the City
and County of Peterborough like:

  • offering incentives for training new employees
  • advertising job opportunities
  • improving employee retention
  • facilitating a hiring fair and assisting with recruitment needs.

Peterborough employment services is not new. We have been delivering services to local businesses for over 15 years. With experience comes a wealth of knowledge and creative solutions to any recruitment challenge.

PERC Job Links

Please visit the Peterborough Employment Resource Centre website for information about:

  • employment assistance,
  • resources,
  • and job searching.

Placement Experts Go to Work on Your Behalf: 

Hiring Assistance Screening and Matching

We'll assess, pre-screen and refer candidates that meet your requirements. You interview them and make your choice. The final choice is always yours! Ask us about arranging interview times and space!
Learn more about Hiring Fairs!

Human Resources Follow-up Assistance

We'll follow-up with support for your new employees and ensure the placement meets your needs. If necessary, we can help develop training plans.

Funding Available for Employers

New employees may need a little extra supervision or training. Employers may be eligible for funding for up to six months to help offset these costs or to purchase job-related training.

WSIB/Accident Insurance Coverage

We can cover the costs of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage during the training period. Any claim will not affect your company's WSIB experience rating or premiums.