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Student Earn & Learn

The Student Earn and Learn (SEL) program supports educational goals for recipients of all ages!

We recognize that there are many steps needed to promote success. Student Earn and Learn Case managers can assist you to reach your personal, employment and educational goals by:

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  • Providing intensive case management to all students on a designated Student team.
  • Supporting OSSD, upgrading, literacy, or equivalency programs Earnings exemptions: full time secondary students of all ages keep all money they earn at a job (no deductions!)
  • Providing additional funds for clothing, transportation, school supplies and college application fees as well as a $200 graduation incentive!
  • Partnerships with the school boards; workers visit the high schools and PACE at set times to provide on-site Outreach services Providing employment counselling and referrals Running employment workshops during March break, summer months and PA days.
  • Encouragement, Encouragement, Encouragement!!

There is no age limit to get involved with Student Earn & Learn! Call us to chat about finishing your education today!

View our SEL Brochure!