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Social Assistance Application

Are you applying for Ontario Works? You can apply online or by phone.

Free access to phones and the Internet is available to apply. Visit Social Services: 178 Charlotte Street Peterborough, in the Charlotte Mews. 

Application Package
At your first appointment, you will receive a package with helpful documents. View those documents here!

To Apply Online:

For more information, visit our online application reference guide.

To Apply by Phone if you Live in the City or County of Peterborough:

  • Call 705-748-8830 and choose menu option #2
  •  Available Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Step 1: Before You Call

Icon indicating Step 1 in a processIf possible, have this information ready (for every person to be included on the application, like your spouse or kids):

  • Date of birth
  • Social Insurance number
  • Health Card number
  • Current address including postal code
  • Gross amount of income from any/all sources (earnings, child tax benefit, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, renter/boarder income, etc)
  • Recent employment information (date of layoff, date and amount of last pay received)
  • Address for the past 12 months
  • Asset information (current bank account balances, value of investments, life insurance, vehicles)
  • Accommodation costs (rent, heat and hydro if applicable, mortgage, home insurance, taxes)

Step 2. At Your First Appointment

Icon indicating Step 2 in a processYou will need to bring verification and documentation (for every family member to be included in the application) of:

  • Birth certification
  • Social Insurance number
  • Health Card number
  • Immigration documents, if born outside of Canada
  • Rent receipt/ lease/ tenant’s agreement which includes date, amount of rent, full address, landlord name, signature, and contact number
  • Utility bills - heat and hydro if applicable
  • Mortgage amount, tax bill, insurance bill, value of property and mortgage owing
  • Record of employment and recent pay stubs
  • Other income (child tax benefit, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, court order or support agreement, renter/boarder income, etc)
  • Asset information:
    • bank statement(s) which includes the past 30 days bank activity, account number, branch number and institution number
    • value of investments including account number
    • life insurance including policy type, number and amount of cash surrender value, if any
    • Vehicle ownership and value of vehicle(s)
    • Other assets such as valuables, recreational vehicles, secondary property, secondary vehicle will have to be verified.
    • If possible, please provide a current resume and your most recent income tax assessment.