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OW Transportation

If you are receiving Ontario Works there is help with transportation:

Graphic of a Brown Bus
  • If you live in the County you can use the van service
  • Help is available for transportation if the van can’t accommodate your needs
  • There are subsidies for City bus passes and travel allowances.

Van Service

There are 2 vans that come into the City of Peterborough every weekday from various County of Peterborough locations. One starts in Havelock in the morning, and the other starts in Apsley. Passengers are dropped off at the City Bus Terminal. OW participants can access the van services if they are involved in activities associated with their employment plan. All participants accessing the van service require prior approval by a social services staff person.

Van service can be used for:
  • Intake application or office appointments with Social Services
  • Accessing the Peterborough Employment Resource Centre (PERC)
  • Activities associated with your employment plan.
Contact your case manager or employment counsellor at 748-8830 for more information.

Subsidized City Bus Passes

Graphic of a Black-White Bus

If you are an Ontario Works adult living in the City or County of Peterborough and not getting funding for transportation with your monthly OW payment, you may be eligible to get a subsidized monthly City transit pass. 

To get a low-cost bus pass bring your OW or ODSP statement of assistance for the current month with your drug or dental card to the City bus station at 190 Simcoe Street. When these items are shown you will pay $26 to get a 30 day pass.


If you have questions, please speak to your case manager.

  • If you are an ODSP City or County client, you must provide a copy of the monthly social assistance stub to the staff at the City Bus Terminal along with ID to obtain a monthly pass.

Peterborough Community Social Plan and Van Service

Graphic of a White BusIf you are not receiving assistance from Ontario Works or through the Ontario Disability Support Plan, but need transportation services please call Social Services at (705)748-8830 ext. 3226. The receptionist screens each request by determining the purpose of the transportation.

The rider must require transportation to:

  • attend a medical appointment
  • access employment services/programs or to job search
  • access other services/organization in the County of City of Peterborough
  • attend Community Social Plan activities (Help Centre, Information Days, etc.)

If the purpose of the transportation fits with the above criteria the rider’s name, contact number and pick up location are recorded. The van driver will contact the potential rider directly to work out details regarding a pick-up time.

Medical Transportation

Red ArrowTransportation costs (over $15 in a given month) for medical purposes will be reimbursed, where no other transportation coverage is available. Case managers will request verification of medical appointments and related travel expenses, where appropriate.