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Housing Stability Fund

Outdoor View of Housing

For Ontario Works & ODSP Recipients 

The Housing Stability Fund (HSF) is intended to prevent homelessness by meeting the emergency housing needs of Peterborough City and County residents who receive Ontario Works or ODSP. A caseworker will do an assessment to determine eligibility for this fund. While this fund is very limited, you may receive assistance for things like:

Accessing the HSF 

A caseworker will do an assessment to see if you are eligible for the HSF. You will be asked to provide documentation of your situation (ex/eviction or disconnection notices). HSF cannot be issued to reimburse for items already paid for prior to the request.

If you are not in receipt of Ontario Works or ODSP and require assistance with Housing Stability, please contact the Housing Resource Centre

Please Note: HSF funding is limited; amounts and criteria change across different municipalities. The information available here is specific to the Peterborough area only.