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Homelessness Prevention Initiatives

Social Services works to connect with other agencies in the community to provide initiatives in the prevention of Homelessness. 

Housing Stability Fund 

For Ontario Works & ODSP Recipients 

The Housing Stability Fund (HSF) is intended to prevent homelessness by meeting the emergency housing needs of Peterborough City and County residents who receive Ontario Works or ODSP. A caseworker will do an assessment to determine eligibility for this fund. While this fund is very limited, you may receive assistance for things like:

Accessing the HSF 

A caseworker will do an assessment to see if you are eligible for the HSF. You will be asked to provide documentation of your situation (ex/ eviction or disconnection notices). HSF cannot be issued to reimburse for items already paid for prior to the request.

If you are not in receipt of Ontario Works or ODSP and require assistance with Housing Stability, please contact the Housing Resource Centre

Please Note: HSF funding is limited; amounts and criteria change across different municipalities. The information available here is specific to the Peterborough area only. 

Housing & Homelessness 10 Year Plan 

10 Year Homelessness Plan Logo


The City of Peterborough developed a 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan for the City and County of Peterborough. The Plan identifies long-term vision and goals that reflect the distinct issues and needs related to affordable housing and homeless-related services in the City and County of Peterborough.

It sets out a broad strategic plan for housing and homeless programs and services for the next ten years for the City and County of Peterborough. It is a provincial requirement for municipalities responsible for housing to have a Plan in place by 2014.

Visit the Housing Division for more information. 

Homelessness Partnering Strategy 

United Way receives federal funding for this program. Currently the funding is issued to FourCAST for enhancing HCRT and includes street and shelter outreach. 

An Intensive Case Manager and a Housing Support Worker are part of the H.C.R.T. team, and will provide outreach to clients on the street and in emergency shelters. The services will be provided during the day and in the evenings. For clients that are housed through HPS, housing retention outreach and supports will be provided. 

Housing First

Housing First is based on the principles of housing vulnerable clients as rapidly as possible and working with the individual on supports necessary to stay housed. The provision of housing and services, is not a condition of housing. The success of Housing First requires multiple supports from many organizations within the city. 

Effective in the Spring of 2015, FourCAST will receive funding from the Central East Local Health Integration Network for a community housing first program.  This program will have one Intensive Case Manager, two Housing Support Workers, a trustee program, rent supplements, and homemaker services for up to eight individuals.

The Housing First Program will be working with private and non-profit Landlords to secure eight Housing First units for this program. 

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Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative 

The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) is homelessness prevention funding the City of Peterborough receives from the Province. 

Currently the CHPI funding is used for:

  • Contributing towards funding to operate three emergency shelters 
  • HCRT with FourCAST, CMHA, Brock Mission, Cameron House, Peterborough Social Services and Housing Resource Centre, YES Shelter for Youth & Families 
  • Housing Stability Fund - Funding issued for eligible Ontario Works, ODSP and low-income households relating to securing an address, rent arrears, hydro or fuel arrears
  • Rent Supplements - Funding issued through the Housing Resource Centre to assist low-income households with making rent more affordable