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Job Search Tip Sheets by Theme

For ease of use, the Tip Sheets have been divided into four different categories by related theme. Each category is colour coded, so that all Tip Sheets belonging in a particular category share the same colour scheme. Each Tip Sheet has also been assigned a unique code consisting of the category title (e.g. ‘R’ for Resume) and the number listed below.

By clicking on any title below, a PDF file of that Tip Sheet will automatically open.

For instructions on printing please see the bottom of this page.


  1. How do I Write a Resume?
  2. What is a Resume Summary?
  3. What is an Accomplishment Statement?
  4. What is a Chronological Resume?
  5. What is a Functional Resume?
  6. What is a Combination Resume?
  7. What is a Plain Text Resume?


  1. What is an Employment Interview?
  2. What is a Telephone Interview?
  3. What are Common Interview Questions & Answers?
  4. What is a Behavioural Interview?
  5. Questions to Ask an Interviewer.
  6. What is an Interview Thank-You Letter?
  7. What is a Reference?

Cover Letter

  1. How do I Write a Cover Letter?
  2. Cover Letter Samples
  3. How to Start and End a Cover Letter

Job Search

  1. How do I Research a Company?
  2. What is Cold Calling?
  3. What is Networking?
  4. What is an Information Interview?
  5. What is your Online Image?
  6. How do I use Facebook to Job Search?

General (For the Practitioner)

  1. How to Use Job Search Tip Sheets

Instructions for Printing

Agencies may choose to print the Tip Sheets in either black and white or colour, depending on budget considerations and equipment availability. The Tip Sheets should be printed or photocopied in a double-sided fashion as the information contained on one side supplements the information contained on the opposite side. To ensure each Tip Sheet is printed correctly, match the code on the top right corner of both the front and back sides.

To Print:

  1. Click onto the Tip Sheet Title (link) that you want to print
    The pages are organized under four themes: Resume, Interview, Cover letter and Job Search. (For example, under the Resume heading click onto “1. How do I Write a Resume?”)
  2. The corresponding file in PDF format will open.
  3. On the Menu Bar choose “File”, then go to “Print”. In the Print Dialogue Box, choose the printer you want and the settings you need.
    At 100%, these pages fit an 8.5” x 11” standard letter size format with portrait orientation. The Tip Sheets are two sided and have enough margin on the sides to be three-hole punched. They can be printed in colour or in black and white. If you have a colour printer and want to print in black and white, then choose that option in your printer settings, properties, or preferences.
  4. Enter the number of copies you want and then choose “Print”.

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