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Community Placements

A community placement is unpaid community activity with a sponsoring agency. Sponsoring agencies include community-based groups, non-profit organizations and public sector organizations.

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Benefit to Participants

The purpose of Community Placement is to allow participants to build employment networks, gain valuable experience and develop or enhance employment-related skills to help them move into the paid labour force.


Benefit to Communities

Community Placement provides an opportunity to identify projects/placements that will benefit the local community. Many agencies have an ongoing wish list of special projects. This is an opportunity to get some of these projects off the ground while giving individuals a chance to improve their level of employability.


Program Principles

All Community Placements must meet the following specific program principles:

  • Add value to the local community and to the participant's self-esteem, employment networks and skill-set.
  • Promote the dignity of work by focusing on high quality experiences for participants.