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The Community Partnerships and Children’s Services Office for the City and County of Peterborough provides financial assistance for child care to eligible families who are working, attending school or have been referred for care from a child welfare agency. For Ontario Works clients, our Children’s Services Case Manager, in consultation with yourself and your caseworker, can also provide some assistance for some job search requirements, Community Placements, the Self-Employment Program and the Employment Placement Program.

Formal Childcare

Once an initial screening has been completed, all eligible families are interviewed or their names are added to our wait list and interviewed as financial assistance becomes available. Child care programs funded under this program are identified on the back.

Programs licensed under the Day Nurseries Act are developed to help children grow and learn in an environment dedicated to their safety and positive play experiences. Programs include both active and quiet play, crafts, dramatic play and many opportunities for learning. Programs will also provide nutritious snacks and meals to support each child’s health and physical development. Private Home Care Agencies have home visitors employed to provide support to and supervision of the caregiver.

Informal Childcare

For Ontario Works clients, financial support might also be available for informal child care as an eventual linkage to the formal child care system. An hourly amount of money assists you to pay for child care. Child Care supports for job search requirements, Community Placements, the Self-Employment Program and the Employment Placement Program can all be reviewed with a Children’s Services Case Manager.

Any form of child care not licensed is considered informal. Parents find someone in the community to provide care either in the child’s home or in the provider’s home. Parents take on the responsibility for choosing the right person and making sure they are satisfied with the quality and safety of care their child would receive. All financial arrangements are strictly between the parent and the caregiver.

For more information on child care services available within the City and County of Peterborough, or to learn more about financial assistance, please contact our office.

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