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New Operators

For more information please contact:

Sandra Robinson, Manager Children's Services City of Peterborough at:

If you are planning to construct a new building, check out the Ministry's Planning and Design Guidelines for Child Care Centres.

Important Forms:


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If you are thinking of opening a new licensed early learning and child care program for children, or purchasing an existing program, you will need to contact: 

  • The City of Peterborough, Children’s Services Manager for information on market share, location demographics and the City’s Child Care Service Plan.
  • The Ministry of Education directly at 416-325-0656 about a license to operate. All child care centres and home child care agencies are licensed by the Ministry under the Child Care and Early Years Act.

At this time there is a temporary suspension on all new Purchase of Service Agreements with licensed child care programs due to funding pressures and the impact from the transition of 4 and 5 year olds to full day kindergarten.

Once your program has been licensed, you may be interested in applying for a service contract with the City of Peterborough to provide child care to families receiving fee subsidy. Learn more about how to apply for a service contract and the requirements.

If you are a home provider interested in becoming part of the licensed home child care system, please contact one of the home child care agencies that serve the city and county of Peterborough.

The City of Peterborough will provide you with a new operator's orientation package. The package contains information about the Children's Services Program, planning documents, sample forms and service contracts.