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Investing in Quality


The City and County of Peterborough child care operators support the enrichment of healthy environments for children.  The child care community has established the Investing In Quality Committee as a foundation for developing specific goals and strategies that support healthy outcomes for children through knowledge transfer and promoting best practices, quality assurance and professionalism.


A community systems approach is an effective strategy – by working together, we can ensure the well-being of all children. It is essential to demonstrate that we value all children by embracing practices and procedures that are free of deliberate or unintentional (systemic) barriers, so that no one is disadvantaged. The community system will build on existing strengths of individuals and organizations, by committing to an engaged partnership in the process of developing quality assurance and professional education. Initiatives and projects are evaluated to support efficacy and sustainability so that others can benefit from our experience and lessons learned. All child development and child care endeavours must be accessible, adaptable and flexible, and based on research and best practices.

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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar (RTB) on quality for Peterborough is a community-based peer accredited set of quality standards. 

The goal of Raising the Bar is to ensure that licensed early learning and child care programs (child care centres, home child care agencies, special needs resourcing agencies) in the city and county of Peterborough are engaged in an ongoing process that actively supports healthy child development in settings that are safe, clean and focused on high quality.

Early Childhood Employment Registry

The ECER is Peterborough’s centralized system for supply and short-term staffing in child care settings. 

 Early Childhood Educators along with others interested in offering on-call and substitute work at local child care centres must register their name to have access to supply work through out the county and city of Peterborough.

Professional Resource Library

The Professional Resource Library was established to provide early learning and child care professionals with access to resources that guide best practices, challenge perspectives, and expand understanding through new research.

Continuous Professional Learning

The Professional Learning Calendar is a centralized listing of workshops, networks, conferences and other learning opportunities with a focus on early learning and child care.

All educational opportunities are offered at little or no cost in order to be accessible for anyone who wishes to take part.

College of Early Childhood Educators

The College of Early Childhood Educators (the College) is a professional self-regulatory body for early childhood educators formed to protect the public interest and focused on quality and standards in the practice of early childhood education. It is the first self-regulatory college for early childhood educators in Canada.

The primary duty of the College of Early Childhood Educators is to serve and protect the public interest by:

  • Setting registration requirements to ensure that only qualified and competent individuals are registered as members;
  • Maintaining a public register of early childhood educators;
  • Establishing a code of ethics and standards of practice for early childhood educators;
  • Investigating complaints from the public about the conduct of its members and, if necessary, disciplining members;
  • Setting standards of practice that all early childhood educators are accountable to meet;
  • Assuring the public that members of the College will be held accountable for providing a high standard of care and early education for children.