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Choosing Quality Child Care

Child Finger-Painting

High quality child care is much more than babysitting.

  • It is gently guiding children as they learn about themselves and the world around them.
  • It is helping them master the skills and lessons of everyday life.
  • It is nurturing their fast-growing minds and carefully handling the challenges of behaviour, sickness and relationships so they will grow into healthy, responsible and productive adults. 

As parents, you will select your child care arrangement. But we can help. Here you’ll find information on different kinds of child care and hints on what to look for to find a quality child care centre or family child care home.

You will also find child care checklists, financial assistance information and other important information. And you can call the services listed in our guide for help with your child care search.

Remember, quality child care lasts a lifetime! View our Quality Childcare Brochure.

Social Services values collaboration. We value working together.  We believe sharing ideas and experience will result in better decisions.  Effective services, and positive outcomes.  By building relationships we are able to appreciate and learn from different perspectives.  We work closely with the child care agencies in our community to best support family needs.