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Child Care Subsidy Eligibility

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How do I qualify for subsidy?

To qualify, you must live in Peterborough and meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Have employment
  • Attending school
  • Receiving Ontario Works
  • Have a special or social need (parent or child)

If you receive Child Care Fee Assistance it is your responsibility to:

  • Report all changes in your financial status, for example, changes in your income, employment, family composition or new contact information;
  • Respond to all letters and/or requests or information by the deadline date provided;
  • Attend an annual eligibility review;
  • If you are on our waitlist, please contact us if your information changes in order to stay on our waitlist. If we try to reach you and your phone number is out service or your mail is returned, we will remove your name from our waitlist;
  • Click here to view a copy of our Fee Subsidy Parent Information Handbook

To apply for subsidy see Applying for Assistance.

Unlicensed or Informal Child Care Fee Assistance

Child care is available for Ontario Works clients in the licensed child care system and for short term child care with an informal provider.

    Find more information on Ontario Works Programs and Supports or call (705)-748-8830 and press 2.