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Questions about Child Care? Watch our Child Care Subsidy Video!

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Child Care Subsidy helps with the cost of licensed child care, so it is more affordable for families with a lower income.

If you are the parent, foster parent or legal guardian of a child from birth to 12 years of age that lives with you, depending on your income and your eligible hours of care, you may qualify for Child Care Subsidy.

Subsidized care is available at our municipal child care and school age programs as well as at 46 other child care centres and 2 home-based child care programs.

To apply for Child Care Subsidy please see - Apply for Child Care Fee Assistance

Qualifying for Child Care Subsidy 

Child Care Subsidy is available to families living in the City and County of Peterborough.

Eligibility is based on both income and eligible hours of care, and is available to families who meet the following criteria: 

  • Have children aged from birth to 12 years.
  • Are working or enrolled in an education or training program during the hours when your child will be in child care.
  • When the health, safety and well-being of a family member is a risk.
  • Be receiving Ontario Works (with a referral from your Ontario Works Case Manager). 
  • Are in financial need, as determined by the Income Test.