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Community Planning

Community Reports 

Modernizing Child Care in Ontario - Peterborough's Response

Response to the Proposed Changes to Reg. 262 - 2014

Community Response to Regulatory Changes to Child Care and Early Years Act - 2015  

Community Response to Phase Two of Regulatory Changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act - 2016


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 Business Partners Network 

Chaired by the Children's Services Program Manager, this network brings together early learning and child care agencies that have a service agreement with the municipality of Peterborough. Through this network, Municipal and Provincial information is shared, community planning takes place and local family support services attend to provide updates on their programs. 

Here you will find useful documents that have been shared at Business Partner Meetings:

Child Care Daily Rate Summary 2015

Child Care Daily Rate Summary 2016

Child Care Sector Wage Summary 2015

Child Care Sector Wage Summary 2016

Licensed Early Learning and Child Care Survey 2017

Best Start Early Intervention Committee 

Our strategic goal is to develop and promote an integrated and comprehensive
continuum of services for children and their families in our community.

Terms of Reference

Committee Projects:

 Child Care Network 

The Peterborough City/County Child Care Network shares a common vision of quality child care that ensures fairness and equity throughout the city and county and among child care programs. 

Contact Information:

Network Chair - Norma MacLeod, Northview Day School

Secretary - Amanda Moore, St. Catherine Day Care

Network Meetings: 

Meetings take place at Northview Day School 
1000 Fairbairn Dr.

To find out about upcoming meetings, contact the chair of the network.


 Investing in Quality 

The City and County of Peterborough child care operators support the enrichment of healthy environments for children. 

The child care community has established the Investing in Quality Committee as a foundation for developing specific goals and strategies to support healthy outcomes for children through:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Promotion of best practices
  • Quality assurance
  • Professionalism

Learn more about Investing in Quality.