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Children's Services

Children's Services provides funding and support for a variety of programs across the City and County of Peterborough.


What's New?

Early Learning Lasts a Life Time Logo

Early Learning Lasts A Lifetime

We are creating a 5 year plan for early learning in the City and County of Peterborough. This plan will outline strategies that child care and early years programs will use. It will highlight our goals and show us how to measure our success.

Visit the new Early Learning Lasts a Lifetime web page to learn more.


Fee Subsidy

Providing full or partial coverage of child care fees for low income families and children with special needs

Ontario Works Child Care Funding

Subsidies for families returning to school, participating in community or work related placements, entering the workforce, or social needs placements to stabilize a child's developmental needs.

Services for Families with Young Children

Is your child's development on track? Find out more about community services that help children and families.

Finding Quality Child Care

Information on what to look for in a high quality child care program and a listing of the child care programs in the City and County of Peterborough.

Service Providers

Funding Opportunities

Available funding intended to provide stability to child care programs and support staff.

Wage Enhancement Funding

Information on the application process for the Provincially funded grant.

New Operators

Information of the process for starting up a new child care program in the City of Peterborough.


Offering resources and links to assist Early Years professionals.