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About Us

Mission Statement

Social Services Division works with individuals and families to advance their goals and ambitions. We do this through:

  • Financial resources
  • Employment planning
  • Child care
  • Education and training
  • Homelessness prevention
  • Community partnerships

We value


We are open in what we do and how we do it. We create clear action plans, use our resources effectively and follow through by reporting and explaining our results. We believe in an environment of mutual accountability, learning from mistakes and in continuous improvement.


We value working together. We believe sharing ideas and experience will result in better decisions, effective services and positive outcomes. By building relationships we are able to appreciate and learn from different perspectives.


We treat all people fairly, without judgment and respect privacy. We listen closely to understand unique circumstances and respond to concerns or ideas.


We celebrate diversity among us. We recognize that everyone has unique characteristics and traits. We believe that people achieve goals in different ways and at their own pace. We share knowledge and information while respecting individual needs, goals and perspectives.


We strive to find creative ways to address social, health and financial challenges. We believe that innovation is a key driver for growth, positive change and development.


We know that good relationships involve discovery. By building on past experiences and individual assets, we find each individual’s potential. We work to inspire hope in everyone.

Helping people, changing lives.